Ha Long the kissing rock, is a symbol of tourism in Quang Ninh

Ha Long the kissing rock

Ha Long the kissing rock is a prominent tourist destination in Ha Long Bay. Besides natural caves and islands, natural stones with symbolic shapes are strange and captivating. Not only that, they all have their own stories and meanings. Let’s find out with the article below.

Location of the kissing rock in Ha Long

Ha Long the kissing rock is located southwest of Ha Long Bay, 5 km from Bai Chay tourist port. It is also near Dog Stone Island and Dinh Huong Islet. Ha Long Bay has an area of ​​1500 km2, including 1600 limestone rocks inside the Bay of various shapes and sizes. And a system of nearly 2,000 islands, half of which are still unnamed.

Ha Long the kissing rock

Location of the kissing rock in Ha Long

The beauty of the kissing rock

The shape of limestone blocks is a unique feature unique to Ha Long Bay. Therefore, Ha Long Bay has been a world cultural heritage. The structure of the limestone rocks is still a question with many unknowns for geoscientists.

The height of the kissing rock in Ha Long is not too high, so if you take a photo, it creates a beautiful and unique background and image perspective. Above is a boat, in the distance are low mountains, and at the foot is the blue sea creating a strangely beautiful landscape.

The kissing rocks in Ha Long stand relatively gently close to each other, but one block is more extensive and thicker, and the other is smaller. Create the image of a pair of chickens: one cock, one hen. The important thing is that the stone has no human intervention, but the natural shape reminds people of many associations.

A touching story about the kissing rock in Ha Long

There is a folk story like this about the kissing rock in Ha Long. In the past, when still reclaimed Vietnam, many enemies dreamed of occupying Vietnamese land. Ngoc Hoang sent a delegation of Dragons down to help the Vietnamese people repel the enemy and protect the country.

The meaning of the story of the kissing rock in Ha Long

After the Dragon group completed the task, the Jade Emperor did not see them return to heaven. So he sent a pair of Roosters down to call the Dragons back. After going down to the earth, the Rooster couple was engrossed with the beauty of Ha Long Bay. So the Jade Emperor was angry and petrified them forever here.

Until now, the kissing rock’s story is to praise Ha Long Bay’s beauty. It is also a touching love story of two couples. Even if they live or die, they will always be together.

Note when visiting the kissing rock.

Prepare a beautiful phone to ask your friends to take a selfie with you with Hon Trong Mai Ha Long and many other beautiful islands in the Bay. Train tickets can be challenging, so you need to book in advance and make sure your trip goes as planned.

You take the train from 4 to 6 hours so that you may be hungry. You should prepare snacks if you don’t want to spend 250,000 a meal on the train. Bring enough drinking water. Prepare yourself because you might get seasick. You should lie down. You will be less drunk than sitting.

Self-sufficient Ha Long tourism

Some notes for visiting the kissing rock

Remind the boat owner to let you know when it is about to pass through Hon Trong Mai Ha Long and ask them to slow down or stop for a while to take pictures. In addition, if you want to experience the feeling of going in the air to see the whole Bay, you can go by seaplane. The fare of such an aerial flight is 1.5 million/person.

The boat time to the Bay is already available, so you do not have much time to admire all the beautiful scenes of the Bay. Moreover, if you go too long, you will get seasick and have an uncomfortable travel experience. The average ticket price for sightseeing and train tickets is not cheap either. Try to prepare physically and mentally for the trip.

Moving to Ha Long Bay by motorbike

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Ha Long the kissing rock

Moving to the Bay by motorbike


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