The most popular Ha Long tourist destinations

Ha Long tourist destinations

Ha Long tourist destinations are probably not a small number. To get the best Ha Long travel experience, you need many days or a carefully considered travel schedule in advance. You can also travel to Ha Long many times to keep different and exciting adventures on each trip.

Ha Long is a tourist destination in the Bai Chay area

Ha Long tourist destination is divided into 4.5 regions. But each site to be able to visit all needs at least a day more. If you want to experience more of the culture of the North, you should spend at least 1 or 2 weeks. Ha Long, Quang Ninh is truly a land worth exploring.


  • Sun World Ha Long
  • Sun World Old Town
  • Sun World Beach
  • Sun Premier Village is a colorful neighborhood
  • Bai Chay Bridge
  • Bai Chay Beach
  • Ha Long Night Market

Bai Chay is a diamond-shaped island with an area of ​​about 100 km2, and it has artificial islands and beaches thanks to the economic development investment efforts of the local committees. Ha Long city is the most famous tourist destination in the investment category of Sun World. Sun World Park and related entertainment and cultural areas, beaches, and night markets are outstanding tourist attractions of Bai Chay.

Ha Long tourist destinations
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Ha Long tourist destination

Sun World Ha Long is an integrated entertainment tourist destination with many amusement facilities. Queen’s cable car north to Mystic Hill: includes sun wheel, koi pond, children’s play area, and Samurai slide. Dragon Park has many adventure games and high speed: like a pirate ship, follow the dragon’s footsteps.

Inside Sun World’s old town is a miniature model of Hoi An ancient town, and Hanoi’s old town is a rather unique and exciting tourist model for visitors. The colorful neighborhood is famous for designing a new European city completed at the end of 2018. It is considered a contemporary Mediterranean art design project of Ha Long. Inside, it integrates many modern infrastructures like a miniature city: swimming pool, gym, spa, tennis court, BBQ garden…

Ha Long tourist destinations in Hon Gai area

Hon Gai is a bridge from Bai Chay that crosses Cua Luc Bay. Compared to Ha Long, Hon Gai will be much more peaceful and idyllic. Due to fewer artificial tourist projects, Hon Gai has a more poetic and natural appearance.

  • Bai Tho Mountain
  • Quang Ninh Museum and Library
  • Ha Long Dolphin Palace
  • Ha Long Market 1
  • VinCom Plaza Ha Long

Bai Tho Mountain is about 10km from Bai Chay. Although there is a ladder to climb, it still looks dangerous and craggy. From the top of the mountain, looking down, you will see a lovely bay of Ha Long. The Ha Long Dolphin Palace, used for exhibitions and fairs, is not far below.

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Hon Gai area

Looking towards Bai Chay, you can see the Queen Cable Car and the sun wheel. On the top of Bai Tho mountain is a stone stele, an essential vestige of the northeastern border region. Hon Gai is located in the center of Ha Long city and closely relates to the history of formation and development of this famous coastal city. Hong Gai is another familiar name for Hon Gai. In the past, this name was to refer to the name of the special zone, and now it is associated with the name of the ward.

A long time ago, the deserted island with many luxuriant thorns was a place to park boats with very few inhabitants. But from the 19th century, Hong Gai became an economic center with busy trading streets such as Hang Pot and Ben Doan. At the same time, Hong Gai is also home to many of the city’s headquarters.

Tuan Chau Island & Ha Long Bay

Tuan Chau Island and Ha Long Bay are the most popular tourist destinations of Quang Ninh province and, at the same time, Vietnam. Tuan Chau Island integrates resort with visits to Ha Long Bay day and night. At the same time, it has on-site entertainment programs, including an outdoor dolphin show, a water music show…


  • Famous tourist attractions of Ha Long Bay
  • Fighting cock islands, Dinh Huong island
  • Caves: Thien Cung Cave
  • Caves: Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, Dau Go cave
  • Islands: Titop island, Soi Sim island
  • Famous tourist attractions near Ha Long

Around Ha Long, there are still many other beautiful and famous landscapes. They bear the strong cultural identity and beliefs of the Vietnamese people. Co To Island, Quan Lan Island is picturesque with blue sea, white sand, and yellow sunshine. Relics of Ba Vang pagoda and Yen Tu pagoda are significant religious landscapes, reflecting the religious history of Vietnam’s feudal dynasties.

  • Islands: Co To Island, Quan Lan Island
  • Temples: Ba Vang Pagoda, Cai Bau Pagoda, Yen Tu Pagoda
  • Bays: Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay
  • Famous tourist attractions near Ha Long

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