Van Don airport to Halong Bay- Kim’s Motorbike transfer service

van don airport to halong bay

Ha Long – a place recognized as a world natural heritage with majestic beauty and many attractive travel experiences is always a favorite destination for tourists near and far. You are looking to admire the beauty bestowed by Mother Nature but are confused about the distance from Van Don airport to Halong Bay and which company you should hire a shuttle service. Please refer to the article below.

Why should you use Kim’s Mortobike’s shuttle service from Van Don airport to Halong Bay?

With the above sharing, Kim’s Motorbike is the address to meet all customer problems.

  • As a unit providing a variety of rental cars from digital cars to scooters. Each vehicle is guaranteed to be new, beautiful, smooth, and safe because Kim’s Motorbike regularly maintains its vehicles.
  • Car rental rates are always open and transparent. At Kim’s Motorbike, long-term rental customers like our services.

van don airport to halong bay

Kim’s Motorbike transfer service from Van Don airport to Ha Long Bay

  • Car delivery is given for clients to the place, so visitors feel secure because it is incredibly convenient to rent a car at Kim’s Motorbike wherever you are.
  • The car rental procedure is simple but ensures that you answer all information.
  • We always support and listen to customers’ questions and concerns—advice on the way, places to eat, Ha Long tour for you.

Suggest some tourist attractions in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long is famous for countless beautiful scenes for visitors to explore. In addition to Ha Long Bay – the symbol of Ha Long – a place you must visit, this place is also divided into 3 main tourist areas:

Bai Chay area

This is the center of Ha Long city with familiar names known by many tourists near and far:

Bai Chay Beach- the most prominent artificial beach in Ha Long

As the most prominent artificial beach in Ha Long, Bai Chay beach attracts tourists by its fine white sand beaches and clear blue water. Along the beach are restaurants and luxurious check-in areas for you to comfortably live virtually, eat, and party.

Sun World entertainment complex

This is the highlight of your trip. With an area of ​​hundreds of hectares, Sun World is the largest amusement park in Vietnam, including many extreme adventure games at Dragon Park or trying thrilling games at Vortex Bay water park.

van don airport to halong bay

Sun World entertainment complex

Old Quarter, Bai Chay night market:

The street sells many food products, cafes, pubs, massages, etc. The old town and Bai Chay night market are the most beautiful at night, especially on weekends. You will have great experiences in the old city and enjoy delicious food here.

Tuan Chau Island Area

You can also try your hand at water sports such as windsurfing, jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, or simply bathing at the beaches of Tuan Chau Island. And the most extraordinary feature of this place is the outdoor entertainment area and “wash your eyes” with water music performances, a circus of seal animals, sea lions, etc.

Hon Gai 

It is famous for places with many cultural and historical attractions such as Bai Tho mountain, Long Tien pagoda, and Quang Ninh library museum.

Van Don airport to Halong Bay transfer service

Kim’s Motorbike has a full range of vehicles with many different seats to serve the travel needs of tourists from Van Don airport to Halong Bay. Below is the price of this service. (Unit: USD)


Types of car 4 seat car 7 seat car 16 seat car 19 seat car 24-29 seat car 35-45 seat
One- way tour 50 60 80 100 120 150
Round trip tour/ a day 60 70 90 120 150 180
Round trip tour for 2 days 90 110 150 160 180 220
Round trip tour for 3 days 120 150 180 200 230 270
Round trip tour/ a day not through overnight 70 90 140 170 220 290


Van Don airport to Halong Bay

Ha Long transfer service to other provinces

Besides the Van Don airport to Halong Bay shuttle service, Kim’s Motorbike shuttle service (Van Don airport to Halong Bay) is ready to take you around the northern provinces of Vietnam.


Types of tour 4 seat car 7 seat car 16 seat car 19 seat car 24-29 seat car 35-45 seat
Ha Long- Hanoi 50 60 80 100 120 150
Ha Long- Hai Phong 30 40 50 70 90 120
Ha Long- Ninh Binh 50 60 80 100 120 150
Ha Long- Bac Ninh 90 120 150 170 210 250
HaLong- Hai Duong 50 70 90 110 140 170
Ha Long- Son La 210 240 270 300 330 360
Ha Long- Phu Tho 150 190 240 260 300 350
Ha Long- Hoa Binh 130 170 200 240 280 320
Ha Long- Vinh Phuc 120 180 240 260 300 350
Ha Long- Bac Giang 110 230 260 310 360 410
Ha Long- Lang Son 200 240 270 290 340 380
Ha Long- Thai Nguyen 180 230 260 280 320 370
Ha Long- Sapa 280 320 370 390 440 480


Halong to other provinces

Kim’s Motorbike”s transfer service within the city

Kim’s Motorbike car shuttle service will take you to visit everywhere in Ha Long when you have a need.


Ha Long Tour 4 seat car 7 seat car 16 seat car 19 seat car 24-29 seat car 35-45 seat
Ha Long- Ba Vang Pagoda- Yen Tu 50 60 80 120 150 190
Hạ Long- Cua Ong-  Cai Bau Pagoda 55 65 85 125 155 195
Ha Long- Van Don- Cai Rong Seaport 5 20 50 80 120 160
Ha Long- Binh Liêu-  Khe Van Waterfall 70 80 100 120 170 220
Ha Long- Mong Cai 65 75 95 115 165 210


Above is Kim’s Motorbike’s Van Don airport to Ha Long Bay shuttle service information. Kim’s Motorbike is now a prestigious address for motorbike rental in Ha Long. Kim’s Motorbike pays excellent attention to service quality and cares about customers’ feelings when renting a car. Our service quality is always appreciated by customers and receives the love of many customers.

In particular, we also support you in booking tickets to visit the Bay and Sun World tickets with prices lower than 10% of the market price. Please contact us at hotline 0987.628.336.


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