Ha Long Island travel experience – which is the most beautiful island?

Ha Long island

Besides the natural stone structure, the islands are also an indispensable beauty of Ha Long Bay. With an area of ​​1500 km2, there are 2000 large and small islands. Where is the most beautiful Ha Long island? Let’s explore some of the famous islands of the Bay below.

Ti Top Island – small but not lonely

Ti Top Island is in the southeast of Bai Chay tourist port, 8km from the port. The reason why this Ha Long island is named Ti Top. Because according to history, in 1962, the Soviet cosmonaut accompanied Uncle Ho to visit this island. To show the friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union, Uncle Ho named the island Ti Top Island.

Ha Long island

Ha Long Titop Island- beauty from the unique shape

Ti Top Island from afar has a unique shape, like a crescent moon. The slope is entirely steep on one side, and the other bank is gently inclined with soft white sand and blue sea in 4 seasons. Besides, you can climb to the top of Ha Long Titop island to see the full view of Ha Long Bay, a picture that is sure to be heartbreakingly beautiful.

Ti Top island area is also relatively small, and some recreational activities around the island include boat racing and skydiving. Because of its small space, Ti Top Island is uninhabited. However, the regular activities of tourists make the island noisy and bustling.

Quan Lan Island – an ancient mark of the feudal dynasty

If you look at it on the map, Quan Lan Island has a relatively large area of ​​​​11km2 and is quite far from the door of the Bai Chay tourist ship. It is one of the islands with the most prominent site of ​​Ha Long Bay. Quan Lan Island has long played an important economic role for the Vietnamese. From the 12th century, it was the first trading port of Vietnam. Currently, the remnants of this Ha Long island’s trading port are pretty meager, but the Vietnamese community living on the island is still there.

Ha Long Island has many ancient imprints.

Quan Lan Island has many tourist attractions inside. You can take a train from Van Don with a ticket cost of about 100 thousand a day and experience an extra day on the island. Quan Lan Island has 3 big beaches: Quan Lan, Son Hao, and Minh Chau. Quan Lan communal housekeeping the relics of 18 ordinations of the last kings of Vietnam’s feudal dynasties. Ba Mun National Park preserves many rare species of flora and fauna and Quan Lan market with much fresh seafood.

Co To Island – a virtual paradise of lovers

Co To Island is a large archipelago with an area of ​​nearly 50 km2 and about 5 thousand people. Co To has about 50 large and small islands, of which two large islands are Co To Lon and Thanh Lan. Co To is Ha Long Island with many beautiful beaches such as Hong Van and Van Chay. With no scenery of the rocky bay and clear blue sea like Che Chu island of Korea.

Bo Hon Island- a strange island with many cave structures inside

Inside Ha Long Bay, there is Bo Hon island contains many beautiful caves of the Bay. Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, Trinh Nu cave, and Tien cave are all on Bo Hon Island. Bo Hon Island is 20km from Tuan Chau Island, with an area of ​​3.8 square kilometers, only one-third of the size of ​​Ha Long Quan Lan Island. In addition, you can climb mountains and participate in kayaking activities around the island.

Soi Sim Island – a unique green carpet in the middle of Ha Long Bay

Soi Sim Island has a relatively large area of ​​12km, located near Ti Top Island and Bo Hon Island. Ha Long Soi Sim Island has a very typical ecosystem, especially Sim. Sim is also a plant species found only in Quang Ninh. Soi Sim Island has no inhabitants, so the vegetation here is very pristine, the air is fresh, and the wide sandy beach is gorgeous.

Ha Long the kissing rock

The diverse vegetation of Ha Long Island

Ngoc Vung Island – unique natural creation

Ngoc Vung Island is on the side of Van Don, with a small number of people living on the island. Ngoc Vung Island is famous for having beautiful pearls and has many natural topographical structures, including a sea, river, lake, mountain, plain, and harbor. Ngoc Vung Island is quite large. It has an area of ​​up to 45km2 with only about 1000 people. Ngoc Vung Island has long beaches and has many historical sites such as the Uncle Ho memorial site, flagpole, and cannon hill. Imprints of the cruel wars in the past.

Which Ha Long Island is the most beautiful?

To judge which island of Ha Long Bay is the most beautiful can be very difficult. And sometimes, the answer lies in different people’s thoughts. Each of Ha Long islands has its unique imprint that is hard to confuse in the hearts of tourists.


  • Ti Top Island – is outstandingly beautiful thanks to its unique shape
  • Quan Lan Island – preserving historical vestiges
  • Co To Island – beautiful by the clear blue water bay
  • Bo Hon Island – is gorgeous due to the unique cave structure
  • Soi Sim Island – a unique flora ecosystem
  • Loc Vung Island – create diverse natural topography.

To fully explore each Ha Long island and the system of caves of Ha Long Bay, you may have to spend many years without end. Not to mention there are many islands that people rarely visit. Some islands have not been named yet. Besides, to contribute to increasing the tourist experience for tourists when visiting Ha Long Bay.

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