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Talking about the land of Quang Ninh, visitors will not be able to forget the natural heritage of Ha Long, which UNESCO twice recognized as a world natural heritage. In addition to Ha Long, Quang Ninh also has the place Yen Tu Mountain is a natural landscape. Yen Tu mountain also preserves many historical sites with a list of “Vietnamese Buddhist ancestral land” and famous monuments and landscapes. other famous and attractive such as Tuan Chau island, Co To island… How to leave Hanoi airport to Halong Bay? Which Ha Long car transport service is your prestige and quality? Please reference the article here.

Introducing Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a world cultural and natural heritage that is no longer new information for all Vietnamese people. Besides the international values ​​of nature, Ha Long Bay is also the cradle of ancient culture. Halong Bay has relics of at least three cultures from the past to the present: Soi Nhu culture, Cai Beo culture, and Ha Long culture. There are traces of people who spend time living in these areas every year.

hanoi airtport to halong bay

Introduction to Ha Long Bay, an ancient cultural relic

When introducing Ha Long Bay, we cannot forget that Vinh is a place with many beautiful scenes and natural wonders on the sea. Each limestone has a particular shape that seems to have been drawn by the hand of a sculptor. The stylistic vibrancy that makes up every stone in the Gulf has a fascinating, mythical story.

Introduction to Ha Long Bay – Ecosystem and Biology Diversity

Introducing Ha Long Bay, we cannot help but mention the quality features of an affluent biological population. Due to the variety of animals and plants lying on the sea, the Ha Long Bay ecosystem includes terrestrials and aquatic. The remote islands, isolated from human society, should keep many rare plant species.

Ha Long Bay – economic strength in aquaculture and fishing

The temperature of Ha Long Bay is relatively mild, keeping the ship away from the wind and erratic conditions outside the sea. Therefore, the Gulf has cooperation conditions to develop aquaculture and fishing. However, it must also be planned and exploited far away, avoiding coastal areas traveling on the Gulf.

The strength of Halong Bay in tourism

Ha Long Bay is a famous tourist destination that everyone knows. One thing, there is a point that not everyone knows when introducing Ha Long Bay, which is a highly diverse tourism experience activity. There may be a few standout examples


  • Kayaking, combining transportation and sightseeing
  • Mountain climbing- extreme sport in Ti Top island
  • Wine in Trong cave
  • Socialized village cultural tourism
  • Ecotourism in Soi Sim Island
  • See Ha Long Bay by cable car or seaplane
  • Night cruise on the Bay

Noi Bai international airport- Ha Long Bay

If you just know how to go sightseeing in Ha Long Bay, then surely you are missing many things to participate in tourism experience activities here. Experiential activities combining sports, ecotourism, culture, and unique means of transportation, such as kayaks and seaplanes, will return you to countless exciting travel experiences on the Bay.


Famous places in Halong Bay

  • The kissing rocks
  • Tuan Chau Island, Co To Island
  • Dau Go Mountain, Bai Tho Mountain
  • Pair of Deers, Pair of Pelicans
  • Con Be, Sinking
  • Odd Rocks, Dropped Stones
  • Surprise Cave, Hanging Wood Head
  • Thien Cung Cave

Hanoi airport to Halong Bay transfer service

Kim’s Motorbike has a full range of vehicles with many different seats to serve the travel needs of tourists from Ha Noi airport to Halong Bay. Below is the price of this service. (Unit: USD)


Types of car 4 seat car 7 seat car 16 seat car 19 seat car 24-29 seat car 35-45 seat
One- way tour 50 60 80 100 120 150
Round trip tour/ a day 60 70 90 120 150 180
Round trip tour for 2 days 90 110 150 160 180 220
Round trip tour for 3 days 120 150 180 200 230 270
Round trip tour/ a day not through overnight 70 90 140 170 220 290


Hanoi airport to Halong Bay

Ha Long transfer service to other provinces

Besides the Hanoi airport to Halong Bay shuttle service, Kim’s Motorbike shuttle service is ready to take you around the northern provinces of Vietnam.


Types of tour 4 seat car 7 seat car 16 seat car 19 seat car 24-29 seat car 35-45 seat
Ha Long- Hanoi 50 60 80 100 120 150
Ha Long- Hai Phong 30 40 50 70 90 120
Ha Long- Ninh Binh 50 60 80 100 120 150
Ha Long- Bac Ninh 90 120 150 170 210 250
HaLong- Hai Duong 50 70 90 110 140 170
Ha Long- Son La 210 240 270 300 330 360
Ha Long- Phu Tho 150 190 240 260 300 350
Ha Long- Hoa Binh 130 170 200 240 280 320
Ha Long- Vinh Phuc 120 180 240 260 300 350
Ha Long- Bac Giang 110 230 260 310 360 410
Ha Long- Lang Son 200 240 270 290 340 380
Ha Long- Thai Nguyen 180 230 260 280 320 370
Ha Long- Sapa 280 320 370 390 440 480


Halong to other provinces

Kim’s Motorbike”s transfer service within the city

Kim’s Motorbike car shuttle service (Hanoi airport to Halong Bay) will take you to visit everywhere in Ha Long when you have a need.


Ha Long Tour 4 seat car 7 seat car 16 seat car 19 seat car 24-29 seat car 35-45 seat
Ha Long- Ba Vang Pagoda- Yen Tu 50 60 80 120 150 190
Hạ Long- Cua Ong-  Cai Bau Pagoda 55 65 85 125 155 195
Ha Long- Van Don- Cai Rong Seaport 5 20 50 80 120 160
Ha Long- Binh Liêu-  Khe Van Waterfall 70 80 100 120 170 220
Ha Long- Mong Cai 65 75 95 115 165 210


Above is Kim’s Motorbike’s Hanoi – Halong airport shuttle service information. Kim’s Motorbike (Hanoi airport to Halong Bay) is now a prestigious address for motorbike rental in Ha Long. Kim’s Motorbike pays excellent attention to service quality and cares about customers’ feelings when renting a car. Our service quality is always appreciated by customers and receives the love of many customers.

In particular, we also support you in booking tickets to visit the Bay and Sun World tickets with prices lower than 10% of the market price. Please contact us at hotline 0987.628.336.


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