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Ha Long motorbike rental

Ha Long is a trendy destination. UNESCO recognizes not only the world’s natural heritage. Investing in many modern and large-scale entertainment projects in Vietnam is also favored. These include Bai Chay Beach, Sun World Halong Complex, Sun World coastal amusement park, Ba Deo – owning Sun Wheel, Bai Chay Old Town. Do you want to discover all the beauty and the people here?, Ha Long motorbike rental enables you to save time and money on your journey.

Ha Long motorbike rental experience

Here are the experiences and things you need to know when renting a motorbike, especially when renting a motorbike in Ha Long.

Not eager to rent cheap motorbikes

Ha Long motorbike rental often has slightly different prices. However, a good motorbike is neither a high nor a low price. So the most important thing is still the reality, the customer’s experience when “seeing it with your own eyes, touching it with your hands”. The price difference usually ranges from 1 to 3 USD. The reason for this difference is often due to the quality of the vehicle. Or because that facility is always cheaper than other places. Like Kim’s Motorbike Rentals, for example.

Ha Long motorbike rental experience

Young people do not look at the price of choosing a motorbike. Don’t let tens of thousands of motorbike rentals waste your time or ruin your trip because of the frustration when your motorbike breaks down in the middle of the road. Therefore, you should find yourself a reputable rental unit. You can google, quality rental units, highly appreciated by customers, will always be mentioned.

Determine the goal

What do you rent Ha Long motorbike rental for? Going on a trip, traveling, going to work, short-term rental or long-term rental, etc. Please determine which motorbike you rent to use for the journey—only a few dozen kilometers around Ha Long. Or you want to explore other cities and districts such as Van Don, Tien Yen, Quan Lan, Mong Cai… You should report this to the motorbike rental agency, they will advise you on the type of motorbike suitable for you. The long way and quick way.

At Kim’s Motorbike Rentals, customers always get on the most suitable vehicle. If you just go around Ha Long city, use a luxury, fashionable, convenient scooter. If traveling long distances, you can consider digital motorbikes or other fuel-efficient, easy-to-go scooters like vision for women. You just need to choose a place to rent a motorbike with a heart, and everything will go smoothly.

Check the motorbike

Of course, it cannot be set as a vehicle inspection step. Although it is a reputable and reliable address, you should still check the motorbike yourself. Some shops won’t give you a malfunctioning motorbike, so you just need to get in the motorbike for a test drive to see if the brakes, lights, mirrors, and turn signals are working or not and the driving feeling is good.

Ha Long motorbike rental

At Kim’s Motorbike Rentals, customers are “required” to take a test ride to see if they’re right on the wheel. Guest safety is always the most crucial factor. If you feel it is not suitable, the motorbike is challenging to drive, or you are not familiar with that vehicle, you will be able to change it until you are satisfied. If among hundreds of motorbikes, none of them satisfy you. Kim’s Motorbike Rentals will happily return the money.

Ha Long motorbike rental address

Below is information about three reputable, cheap and regular Ha Long motorbike rentals. Customers can rest assured when choosing 1 of these 3 locations.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Kim’s Motorbike for rent

Phone: 0879.698.886

Address: Alley 86 Vuon Dao, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City

The highlight of Kim’s Motorbike is the door-to-door delivery service. Instead of taking a taxi or motorbike taxi from the bus station to the motorbike rental facility, the enthusiastic staff of Kim’s Motorbike will bring the motorbike to the place and motorbikes out the motorbike delivery procedures. Customers in Bai Chay area will be free of charge, and other regions of Ha Long will be charged 30k/motorbike.

Dao Garden motorbike rental

Also, a place many young people love, Vuon Dao motorbike rental has a convenient location that is easy for customers to find. Many popular, easy-to-go, high-new motorbikes are also suitable for all ages and heights. Aiming at helping customers experience the natural beauty, culture, and people of Ha Long, Vuon Dao motorbike rental is very cheap compared to other rental houses. The rental price here is 7 USD/6 hours; 10 USD/12 hours;  11 USD/day. Renting a motorbike is just a taxi ride. You can freely explore all the streets in the city.

Ha Long motorbike rental

Bai Chay motorbike rental

Provide motorbike rental service at an affordable price. Customers choose the type of motorbike, and each type has a different price, per the needs and pocket of the customer. Motorbike rental price is very cheap, rent from half a day. Here, each rental motorbike reaches the customer without problems during the rental process.

Kim’s Ha Long Motorbike Rental

The rent here is also on par with other rental shops. Renting a motorbike will help you save a lot of transportation costs during the trip. Kim’s service is very professional, dedicated, and thoughtful customer support, with the rate from 1 day is 150,000 VND.. The rental price is from 2-4 million VND.

Sun World Quang Ninh motorbike rental

If you want to explore Sun World, this place is very close. It will be more convenient for you to move. The rent here is not cheap, but you can experience it because the difference in rent is not significant. Here you can also choose the type of motorbike according to your preferences and needs.

Ha Long Motorbike rental

Customers can rent for 4 hours or more and calculate the rental price per hour. It helps you save money when you have an incredible job and want to rent a motorbike in a short time. The rental fee is also very affordable, and suitable for the pocket of backpackers.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Wish you have a happy trip and many memorable moments. Let Kim’s Motorbike Rentals – Ha Long motorbike rental service accompany you throughout your journey to discover this land. Contact book a motorbike.


Kim’s Motorbike Rental

Addess: Alley 86 Vuon Dao, Bai Chay District, Hạ Long City, Quảng Ninh



Facebook: Kim’s Motorbike Rental

Whatsapp: +84838886816

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