Review of Ha Long scenic cruise 3 days 2 nights on the bay

Ha Long scenic cruise

Visiting Ha Long sights on an overnight cruise may be a relatively new option, but it is also exhilarating for many people. Experience the resort on a luxury 5-star yacht with full modern amenities and entertainment and relaxation services. It promises to be an unforgettable journey for many visitors.

Below is a review article of our tourists about Ha Long scenic cruise by such a cruise. The same reference you offline.

Prepare before boarding

Preparing to depart from Hanoi to Ha Long

I went from Noi Bai (Hanoi) to Hai Phong by plane. I bought a ticket a month before. From Hai Phong, I took a taxi to Ha Long. Although this is my first time coming here, I plan to visit Ha Long Bay by yacht and will stay on board during the trip to visit Ha Long landscapes for 3 days 2 nights. It is also a rare holiday time of the year because my work is quite busy.

Ha Long scenic cruise

Preparing to depart from Hanoi to Ha Long

I received Kim’s Motorbike service recommendation from a friend

I also look at hotels, tourist attractions, and some delicious restaurants in Ha Long Bay. Before that, a friend had just returned from a visit to Ha Long. Would you recommend calling Kim’s Motorbike’s Ha Long motorbike rental service as soon as you arrive? The owner of the shop is hilarious, friendly, and approachable.

Review the journey to discover Ha Long landscapes

He also helped his friends buy train tickets, Sun World tickets and find hotels very quickly, but the cost was 10% cheaper than the market. My friend said that you had booked a room at a hotel, but it was delayed by about 2 hours. So when I called the hotel, the hotel informed me that it had canceled my friend’s reservation and did not return the deposit.

While angry, my friend was planning to rent a motorbike to travel for convenience first, and he tried contacting Kim’s Motorbike. After listening to advice about the company’s service, my friend was satisfied and rented a motorbike. Everything went very smoothly after that. So my friend introduced the car rental service of Kim’s Motorbike to me.

Experience the motorbike rental service of Kim’s Motorbike

After arriving, I called the phone number my friend instructed. I also have the company’s address, so it’s convenient for me to call a taxi. The check-in service and car delivery documents here are speedy. My consultant is also comprehensive. So I also choose the type of car I like very quickly.

motorbike rental in Ha Long

I also asked them to help me find the hotel room’s location, get tickets to Sun World that day, and buy a train ticket to Ha Long scenic bay the next morning. I think it will take about half an hour to find a room I like. But only 10 minutes later, the owner sent me some available room photos according to some essential criteria I gave. I booked a hotel room right away.

Ha Long motorbike rental service is of good, high quality.

The hotel I rented was not far from here, so I could go through it quickly. The flow of tourists coming to stay in Ha Long is tremendous. You are unfamiliar with the terrain and do not have many relationships to choose the hotel or train ticket you like quickly. You just need to ask an experienced local person to book a hotel room and buy a train ticket to visit the Bay to help you. Everything will go smoothly as well as much faster.

Ha Long scenic cruise on the Bay

After 1 day of renting a car to go around the streets of Ha Long, I got a train ticket quickly the following day. Thanks to the support of buying train tickets from Kim’s Motorbike service, my travel schedule in Ha Long took place very conveniently. My Ha Long scenic cruise has just departed. The white foam waves at the end of the stern bring me into a new experience on the Bay.

Ha Long scenic cruise on the Bay

I went into the autumn weather. The sky and clear blue water mingled with the impressive undulating blue mountains. The yacht passing by the islands slows down a bit. I have a little space to take a background photo with Ga Choi island, Dinh Huong island.

Explore the experience of Halong Bay by kayaking on Ti Top Island and visit unique and beautiful caves, such as Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave. At night, I sit and chat with some young people from the US, UK, and India. Listen to their stories during the days of visiting Ha Long Bay,

Feelings after the trip to Ha Long scenic spot on the Bay

Visiting Ha Long on a cruise at night is a delightful feeling for me. At night, looking out the window is the late moonlight. Below is the floating texture of the water surface. Looking out on the four sides is the green landscape of Ha Long, with azure water. An incredibly peaceful and quiet feeling calms down in the soul. I will come back to Ha Long to learn more new things here.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

It will be a significant omission if you do not rent a motorbike in Ha Long to immerse yourself in the busy and noisy streets of the city. Or wander to enjoy attractive night dishes in the small alleys. Or to rush to the famous delicious shops or cafes no matter what time of day.

Kim’s Motorbike motorbike rental service is ready to satisfy you.


With speedy car delivery and delivery procedures from 5 to 7 minutes, affordable prices, support to advise you on all roads, good car quality, no problems, no breakdowns. In particular, we also help you book tickets to visit the Bay, Sun World tickets with prices lower than 10% of the market price. Please contact us at hotline 0987.628.336.


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