Top delicious restaurants in Ha Long attract diners

top delicious restaurants in Ha Long

There is one thing that you should not miss when experiencing the cuisine of Ha Long. If you are a foreign visitor, you will be eager to enjoy the rich and varied cuisine of Vietnam. Ha Long cuisine has a distinctive Northern flavor with many sophisticated ingredients and recipes, less spicy, and less sweet compared to the other two regions. But it will definitely be a place to bring visitors an interesting and attractive culinary experience. Here are the top delicious restaurants in Ha Long that you should try.

Top famous breakfast restaurants

Seafood vermicelli – fishing village cuisine

The cuisine of the fishing village is a spacious Ha Long restaurant with an open view of the sea. Address: 1, Le Thanh Tong, Ha Long, Seafood vermicelli is made with many delicious and attractive seafood ingredients, including shrimp, crab, fish, toppings, and some vegetables.

top delicious restaurants in Ha Long

Delicious restaurant in Ha Long – seafood vermicelli

Squid roll: Cay Bang restaurant

Bang tree restaurant is one of the oldest delicious restaurants in Ha Long, with a history of 30 years. The recipe for making squid rolls has been passed down through generations. Grilled squid has a delicious taste without being greasy. Eating in the mouth also has a fresh crunchy feeling of squid.

Address: Alley 1, Ha Long Theater.

Sticky rice with squid – Commercial street

For those who like the deliciousness of sticky rice, sticky rice with squid ink is a famous breakfast dish of Ha Long. Sticky rice, cooked, and steamed through coconut water after soaking with water, has a fragrant, delicious, smooth, and flexible taste. Grilled squid in Ha Long’s long-standing seafood recipe and an unforgettable dish for visitors.

Bread with wine sauce: Quang Dung restaurant

Bread with wine sauce is also a famous breakfast dish of Ha Long. In particular, Quang Dung restaurant, a delicious restaurant in Ha Long, has a recipe for delicious and rich wine sauce from meticulously selected pieces of beef. The beef tendon is crispy but not too challenging and the sauce is flavorful but not too dull. It is a typical delicious breakfast dish of Ha Long.

Top delicious popular restaurants in Ha Long

Dung Hoa restaurant – a specialty of horseshoe crab

The horseshoe crab is a famous delicacy of Ha Long that you cannot easily find elsewhere. You should also choose Dung Hoa restaurant because the shop has a lot of different dishes made from the horseshoe crab, such as sweet and sour fried dishes, fried dishes with lemongrass and chili, and steamed dishes..


Address: 95 group 5, area 8 Hong Hai

Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area

Popular Ha Long delicious restaurant- Dung Hoa restaurant

Kim Oc spicy noodle restaurant

If you’re used to spicy Korean-style noodle soups, you’ll still be surprised by the spicy noodle recipe here. Kim Oc spicy noodles are made in Chinese style, giving you a new taste of the neighboring country’s cuisine. Address: 19 Gieng Don, Ha Long.

Son Beo Snail Restaurant

Seafood snails are very diverse, with many different types and processing styles. If you are a fan of snails, then Son Beo Oc Restaurant should be your choice. Delicious snail dishes such as incense snail, velvet snail, nail snail, fat snail, prickly snail… The shop is open from 3 pm to midnight, address: 14 Bui Thi Xuan, Ha Long.

Bi Quan is famous for chicken egg cake

One of the typical dishes in Ha Long, and Quang Ninh, in general, is tofu and chicken egg cake. Tofu is also made from soybeans, but they have an extra ingredient of chicken eggs, so they have a slightly richer, fatter texture.

Tofu is a fabulous and nutritious dish on hot summer days. The cake recipe is diverse, combining many different flavors such as green tea, chocolate, peach, mixed … Belgian restaurant, delicious Ha Long restaurant at 35 Hai Long, Ha Long.

Phuc Loc Tho restaurant- spicy and sour krill

In Ha Long, a specialty dish is Krill but not made from pork. It is made from squid and octopus. Fresh squid and octopus will be chopped, dried, and then fried in a pan. When processing, they are boiled or steamed with guava leaves that are both fragrant and fishy ​​and then cooked in a spicy or grilled hot pot, bringing the typical culinary flavor of Ha Long.

top delicious restaurants in Ha Long

Phuc Loc Tho restaurant- a delicious restaurant in Ha Long

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