Top 7 reasons to travel to Ha Long in winter

travel to Ha Long in winter

Most tourism activities in Ha Long will be busy in the summer and calm in the winter. People are already used to the noisy atmosphere of Ha Long Bay during the peak tourist seasons. So should you travel to Ha Long in winter or not? What’s attractive about Ha Long tourism in winter? Let’s follow the article below.

Travel to Ha Long in winter with fog

The winter weather is quite overcast. The watercolor of the sky will change to light gray instead of the clear blue like autumn weather, summer turquoise, and light blue on mild spring days. In that calm atmosphere, fog covered the way. The distant scenery became blurred, sometimes explicit, sometimes hidden. Winter on the sea has both cold air and a lonely taste.

travel to Ha Long in winter

Traveling to Ha Long in winter 


Floating on the water and traveling to Ha Long in winter will give a feeling of nostalgia and a sense of nostalgia. If you are a couple in the process of dating, taking a cruise on Ha Long Bay in winter is probably not the wrong choice.

Experience fishing village life in winter

If you swim in the sea in the summer, you will have a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. How about immersing yourself in the ocean in winter? It’s not as bad as you think. The surface seawater is quite warm enough for you to swim comfortably on the sea surface. But diving more profound, the temperature will drop even lower. The feeling of traveling to Ha Long in winter, the temperature change between the water layers will be undeniable between swimming and disembarking.

But if you dive into fishing village life on winter days, you should also be ready to dry and warm up after disembarking. To avoid catching wind or cold.

Ha Long tourism in the peaceful atmosphere on the sea

One thing is for sure, and the winter sea becomes strangely calm and relaxed. It is an excellent experience if you like to enjoy space alone. Nothing is more wonderful than feeling peaceful on the sea, immersed in vague thoughts. Open your heart in relief and direct your soul to heaven and earth’s vast and quiet space.

Ha Long to Cat Ba

Ha Long tourism in the peaceful atmosphere on the sea

Enjoy delicious seafood hotpot

You won’t want to eat hot pot in summer, but winter is different. Sitting by the hot pot of fresh and fragrant seafood, all the troubles have passed. Delicious seafood flavor on every taste, winter travel to Ha Long has a lively feeling, awakening all senses before the sad, cold, lonely atmosphere of the sea mouth.

Bathing in Japanese hot springs at Yoko Osen Quang Hanh

In the cold weather of the North, choosing a hot spring bath is a beautiful experience. Yoko Osen Quang Hanh is the highlight of Ha Long winter resort with Japanese style. The entire system of motels and hot spring areas is of 5-star quality in the Japanese.

Besides the bathroom and sauna, the room is a tea room with bold Japanese tea ceremony culture. Bath ticket prices from 1 to 2 million / 1 person. Room prices are from 5 to 8 million/day. Yoko Osen also has a food court with 350,000 VND/person and a spa area with the same ticket price.

Visiting Binh Lieu – the season of white reed grass

If you are familiar with the cruise destination in Quang Ninh, it is Ha Long Bay. Then there is a tourist destination in Quang Ninh that you probably won’t expect. Located in the same province, Binh Lieu is wild and has a typical landscape of the Northwest mountains, which will bring you new experiences in the cold winter weather of the North.

The rugged and majestic mountain views of Binh Lieu will make you overwhelmed. The white reeds filling the sky enhance the romantic flavor of the scene. Coming to Binh Lieu, traveling to Ha Long in winter with your loved one in the cold winter will be an exciting experience in your Ha Long trip in winter.

Going to Ha Long by motorbike

Traveling Binh Lieu Ha Long in cold weather

Experience Ha Long street food at night

Ha Long night street food is an exciting experience you should not miss. Street foods including seafood, snails, banh cuon with squid, sticky rice with squid, pearl yogurt, bars, and coffee are the places you should enjoy to discover the rich culinary experience here. .

Kim’s Motorbike Rental

Kim’s Motorbike Rental is famous for our quality customer service and dedicated staff to support when there is a problem. In some cases, they even split the motorbike repair fee with customers. The clarity in the division of responsibilities has created customers’ trust when renting it here.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Kim’s Motorbike Rental


Also, the quality of the motorbikes here always helps customers feel secure on every journey. The motorbikes here always ensure fundamental components and change the petrol when necessary. In addition, the rental cars here are also very fuel-efficient. You will no longer need to worry about running out of gas in the middle of the road. It will also save you a small amount of money.

In addition, the owner of this shop is very enthusiastic and attentive. Not only advising on attractive tourist destinations, but the owner also shares many helpful riding experiences. Mainly young people who go backpacking for the first time can refer to it for a convenient and safe trip.

One of the more popular services in Ha Long, do not forget, is the Ha Long motorbike rental service. Traveling to Ha Long in winter by motorbike will help you have interesting and exciting experiences. If you need to find Ha Long motorbike rental service, please contact Kim’s Motorbike with us at the hotline 0987.628.336. Besides, we can also support you in buying boat tickets, booking tours, and tickets to visit Ha Long with a 10% discount quickly and cheaply.


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