Rent HaLong motorbike in 2022 – What you should know?


Where’s a place to rent HaLong motorbike? This is the question that most foreign tourists ask when coming to Ha Long. Instead of traveling by car, many tourists choose to travel by motorbike for ease of movement and convenience when sightseeing. If you also have questions like the above, follow this article!

1. Why should you rent HaLong motorbike ?

– Convenient to move when rent HaLong motorbike: 

When riding a motorbike, you will easily visit or enter restaurants and eateries. And traveling by car will be very inconvenient when visiting sidewalk shops. Besides, you can also easily go into the alleys and alleys in Ha Long, stop by the side of the road to take photos and videos.

– Cheap rental price when rent HaLong motorbike:

Compared to taking a taxi or taking a car, the cost of renting a motorbike is obviously much cheaper. When traveling abroad, buying souvenirs is quite important, however to pay for all of them requires a large amount of money, so if you save money on transportation, you will enjoy Your trip more completely without worrying too much about money.

2. Which notes you should know about “rent HaLong motorbike”?

Bring the necessary documents when rent HaLong motorbike

During the HaLong motorbike rental process, the lessor will definitely need you to present documents to “believe” about the object they rent, you will be returned the documents as soon as you return the rental motorbike. If you are traveling with friends, use the documents of the person sitting in the back because in the process of moving you may encounter some cases where you need to use the rider’s ID card. Try negotiating with the landlord to allow you to use a copy of your ID instead!

rent HaLong motorbike

Absolutely do not want cheap

There is a saying: “You get what you pay for”, not every cheap price will be good, at tourist sites, there are also motorbikes with rental prices of only 15-20.000 a unit, but in fact, the quality of the bikes. this car is quite bad, both unsafe and looks quite “broken”, maybe during use it may be damaged and then you will have to add a troublesome compensation behind, so Don’t be too “selfish” with yourself, or refer to the average motorbike rental price, and “avoid” cheap  HaLong motorbike  rental places!

Check the vehicle before use

This is just a small but very important detail when you use a rental motorbike, to avoid damage to the motorbike during the move, maybe because the car has not been maintained or because it has not been used for a long time, so there is a problem inside some parts of the vehicle, such as brakes, horns, etc.      If possible, ask the lessor to allow you to sit on the test bike first in case the saddle is too high or the stand has problems, because renting a motorbike from HaLong to Traveling here, you will probably go on steep or slightly bumpy roads, if the car is too high or the footrest is not stable, it will be very dangerous.

Take good care of your receipts

To avoid the current situation that there are many scammers, stealing motorbikes and renting them cheaply, you should keep your receipt carefully so that if there is a problem, you will have evidence to prove to the agency.

3.Some coffee shops you should visit when rent HaLong motorbike:

1.Miam bread and Coffee

Opening hours: 7am – 10pm

Reference price: 10,000 VND – 100,000 VND

Address: HG 1-11, HG 1-12, Vinhomes Dragon Bay urban area, Ben Doan, Hong Gai ward, Ha Long city.

The first choice for those who are passionate about lightness. Miam Miam is a true afternoon tea shop with tea and cakes, full of flowers. The first floor is for cakes, the second floor is wide, with a balcony overlooking Ha Long Bay. Featured with lemon-lime white color, Miam Miam is an ideal photo spot for “ladies” who love virtual life. Take a beautiful photo here, how can you not get “million likes”?

2.Yen Library – Cafe & Books

Opening hours: 7:30am – 7:30pm

Reference price: 10,000 VND – 25,000 VND

Address: 96 Nguyen Van Cu, Ha Long City

What makes guests’ first impression is the taste of pure coffee from Dak Nong. The smell of coffee is very fragrant, the taste is also quite mild, making people who rarely drink coffee also become addicted. The shop is quite suitable for students, thanks to the shop owner’s psychology. Students often come here to talk and ask for advice besides reading books.


3.Sealand Cafe 31

Opening hours: 7:00-23:00

Reference price: from 30,000 VND

Address: 31st floor, A building, Lideco Apartment, Tran Hung Dao, Ha Long

Located right in the city center, Sealand Cafe on the 31st floor is considered the most expensive cafe in the city. Most of the space is designed with glass, so here you can see the whole beautiful Ha Long city. Prime location, embracing all 3 directions of Ha Long. Entering the shop, you can feel the luxury and class. This place is the ideal place for you to date, meet friends, relatives or explore alone, enjoy virtual life!

In addition to serving coffee, smoothies and juices, the shop also has rice, attractive dishes, friendly service, and reasonable prices.


Above are some notes for you when coming to HaLong motorbike rental places. Hope can help you to expand your understanding. If you have a need to rent a motorbike or need advice on travel, resort or car, please contact us immediately for dedicated service. With the motto “Customer is God ”, we are confident that we can bring you a good and impressive experience when traveling in Ha Long. 

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