Experience of motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh for backpackers

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh has become famous for many young people. Including backpackers. Traveling by Motorbike is both mobile and easy to explore tourist attractions. Moreover, traveling by Motorbike is usually very cheap, so it meets the needs of many people. So what issues should you pay attention to when renting a motorbike in Ha Long? Please follow the article below.

Plan a clear travel route before you come here

Of course, traveling by Motorbike on the streets of a new city is also an equally exciting experience for young people. However, this does not mean you do not need a travel route plan. Preparing a route plan will help you manage your time and have a more transparent financial plan.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Make a clear travel plan when renting a motorbike in Ha Long.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh may also be a more popular form for those who like to experience and explore traveling alone. So to limit possible risks such as running out of money or getting lost, having a route plan is essential.

Don’t rush into cheap motorbike rental services.

The purpose of reputable motorbike rental shops in Ha Long is to give you the best service at the lowest price. But it would help if you understood what money you get. You need to consider and choose a reputable motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh, not just based on price issues. Renting a motorbike in Ha Long more or less has certain risks if you do not learn the information carefully from the beginning.

Check the Motorbike Rental in Quang Ninh carefully before renting.

You should check your Motorbike carefully once before renting it because it’s pretty inconvenient for you to break a motorbike in the middle of the road anyway. It’s as simple as gasoline. If you don’t fill up enough gas, but you run out of gas in the middle of the road, you only have to walk to find a gas station. It costs you time and energy and a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Check your motorbike carefully before renting it.

You should also know enough about motorcycles to detect the vehicle’s signal of damage or deterioration. Because of how many times you test it, but because you do not have the knowledge, no matter how thoroughly the pre-check is, you can’t understand it.

Prepare all documents for car rental.

Motorcycles are not cheap assets for investors. Especially for high-end scooters and scooters, the average value for each Motorbike is also several tens of millions, so you need to do the procedures and documents to borrow a car carefully. Papers are not many, mainly pieces that help verify basic personal information such as identity cards and passports.

Because when traveling by Motorbike, you may be asked about personal documents by traffic police, so it is best to have both types. To still have paperwork to present in case of emergencies. You also need to keep a copy of the rental contract to prove the vehicle’s identity and ensure the legality of using a rental motorbike.

Ask for a receipt for any paid motorbike rental service?

Ask motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh to provide you with a receipt to prevent unexpected incidents. Unscrupulous motorbike rental addresses in Ha Long can take advantage of the fact that they do not make a receipt for you from the beginning to push the rental price higher or claim excessive compensation. So it’s best to get a receipt for any expenses you need to spend.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Get a receipt for any motorbike rental service.

What documents do I need to rent a motorbike?

When renting a motorbike, you must present your identity motorbiked or driver’s license to make sure. Of course, you will need a guarantee document because you are holding a motorbike, which is a valuable flap. Even if you don’t rent a motorbike, you should still bring identification when traveling. There are many unexpected situations where you need it. On the rental side, they will give you a notarized vehicle document, valid when presented to the traffic police.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Request a receipt


When renting a motorbike, you and the lessor must have a witness document. It could be a contract or a receipt. It will have information about the vehicle you rent: license plate, vehicle condition, date of motorbike rental, and information that the lessee keeps your documents.

Which reputable motorbike rental in Quang Ninh?

Kim’s Motorbike is currently a prestigious address for motorbike rental in Ha Long for all types of tourists, especially backpackers. Kim’s Motorbike pays excellent attention to service quality and cares about customers’ feelings when renting a car. Customers appreciate our service quality and show their love to us.

Compared to the common ground in Ha Long, Kim’s Motorbike is the place that invests the most in restoration and periodic vehicle maintenance so that all customers will be happy with the vehicle. We highly regularly add stable motorbikes to serve customers.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

You can choose the type of vehicle that suits your height, preferences, and mobility needs. The motorbike owner will advise you on the most suitable vehicle according to your needs. Especially, Kim’s Motorbike has motorbike rental from half a day to monthly rental for only 3 USD/motorbike for half a day.

In addition, if you need to visit Ha Long or take a tour, here also offers you a very favorable price. You can ask the handsome owner to enthusiastically advise on suitable places to go out to save time and discover the most beautiful places.

Besides focusing on service quality, we try to keep the cost of car rental at a suitable price for our customers. Good service and affordable price are a big plus for our motorbike rental service in Ha Long. If you need advice and use the service, please contact us at 0987.628.336.


Kim’s Motorbike Rental

Addess: Alley 86 Vuon Dao, Bai Chay District, Hạ Long City, Quảng Ninh

Email: phamhungcruises@gmail.com

Website: Halongmotorbikerental.com

Facebook: Kim’s Motorbike Rental

Whatsapp: +84838886816

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