[Top 1] rent a motorbike in HaLong to travel

1. What’s special in HaLong for you to rent a motorbike in HaLong to travel?

HaLong, famous for its majestic scenery. Possessing many beautiful bays and islands such as Tuan Chau, Co To,… Besides, there are also famous seafood dishes with strong sea flavor. Recognized as a natural wonder of the world. HaLong will surely make visitors go through the most unforgettable experience in Vietnam.

With many famous sights, not only HaLong Bay, it also has vast highlands, forests, and wild roads that you cannot feel if you just sit in a car. 

2. Why should you rent a motorbike in HaLong?

Convenient in moving when rent a motorbike in Ha Long

  • When renting a car, you will not have to worry about booking cars and tickets.
  • The price is cheaper than taking the tour, and you will have a lot of funding for souvenirs and travel.
  • If you rent a motorbike in HaLong from reputable locations, you can freely use the car for a long time. Besides, the quality of motorcycles is also very guaranteed.
  • You can freely visit many different destinations.
  • Freedom to enjoy the weather and atmosphere of HaLong

3. Is renting a motorbike in HaLong cheap and safe?

Of course, Vietnam is already a famous country with beautiful tourist destinations but the tourism cost is not high. Therefore, there is no reason to rent a motorbike in HaLong at an expensive price. The rental cars from reputable rental owners are always affordable.

As for the safety level, it depends on the reputation of the place where you rent a motorbike. There are some places for rent at a cheap price, with only 10,000 VND for 1 hour of rent, but the quality of motorcycles are extremely bad. These motorcycles are old, damaged or unclear, causing great disadvantages for tenants. 

So, it’s really important  for choosing a prestigious location to rent a motorbike in Ha Long.

4. Where is it good to rent a motorbike in HaLong? How to find a good motorbike rental place?

rent a motorbike in HaLong
rent a motorbike in HaLong

To find a good motorbike rental place, you should:

  • Refer to that location information on reliable sources of information on the Internet or from acquaintances, experienced friends.
  • Check the papers of the rental place and motorbikes.
  • Stay away from unclear rental places, the rental price is too cheap compared to the market.

Where is it good to rent a motorbike in HaLong?

Ha Long is one of the largest tourist cities in Vietnam, so there are countless types of services to meet the needs of tourists, such as hotels, restaurants and motorbike rental services. This is convenient, but it is also a disadvantage when there are so many choices, you do not know which one is suitable for yourself and your own money.

4. Kim’s Motorbike Rental with prestigious motorbikes, the most competitive price in Ha Long.

If you have come to this article, you must be wondering where renting a car is the most prestigious among the “immense” motorcycle rental point in Ha Long, then Kim’s Motorbike Rental is a good choice. Best for you because:

  • Competitive price: Each of our motorbikes is rented at an average price, priced from 70k a motorbike from 1-6 hours enough for you to travel everywhere.
  • High quality, absolute safety: If you are careful in terms of safety, with Kim’s Motorbike Rental, you do not need to worry anymore, because our hired motorbike is always warranted and repaired periodically , making sure the trip is peaceful and complete.
  • Full papers: When renting a car at Kim’s Motorbike Rental, you will receive the motorbike’s papers thoughtfully, fully, from the license to the receipt are carefully recorded.
  • Quick, dedicated service: Renting a motorbike at a hot tourist destination will usually take a lot of time, but with the service of Kim’s Motorbike Rental, you will receive the most neat, fastest service, ensuring you as you Absolute satisfaction, do not waste your travel time.

Above is some information about renting a motorbike in Ha Long, hoping to help you find useful information for your trip. If you need to rent a motorbike, a lot of people or have questions, please contact:

Email: phamhungcruises@gmail.com

Address: 28 VuonDao, Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh

Vietnamese website: dichvuthuexehalong.com

Hotline:  0987 628 336

WhatsApp: +84838886816

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