Ticket price to visit Ha Long- Analysis of travel experience in each area

The ticket price to visit Ha Long

Ha Long is divided into 4 major tourist areas including Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau, Bai Chay area, and Hon Gai. Each area has its own collection of fees, which are high-cost investments. The ticket price to visit Ha Long has an average cost of 300-350/person. In particular, they all play an important role in the tourism development model of Ha Long.

General comments about Ha Long tourist areas

Ha Long Bay – The largest natural and cultural heritage in the East Sea

  • Ticket price list to visit Ha Long on the Bay
  • Tickets to visit Ha Long during the day: 290,000/1 ticket
  • Tickets to visit Ha Long at night: 550,000/1 ticket

Ha Long Bay is a type of sightseeing tourism combined with a cruise service to give visitors a unique sea travel experience, unique to Quang Ninh. Ha Long Bay is also home to the largest concentration of overnight cruise services in the country. Along with that, there are fun activities on the sea such as kayaking, diving to see corals, surfing…

The ticket price to visit Ha Long

Tickets to Ha Long Bay

No tourist destination has an indescribably large number of tourist attractions like Ha Long Bay. The most popular tourist destinations on the Bay alone have 10 to 20 locations.

Tuan Chau international tourist area – a major attraction for international tourists

Ticket price list to visit Tuan Chau Ha Long

Tickets to Ha Long Tuan Chau: 350,000/person

Tuan Chau is ranked as the second-largest tourist area in Quang Ninh after Ha Long Bay. Large scale with many tourist items from resorts, hotels, and restaurants to amusement parks. Tuan Chau has its own seaport so that visitors can combine relaxation with booking tickets to visit Ha Long and tours to the Bay easily.

Tuan Chau has great tourism value as it has a great attraction with high-income tourists and foreign tourists visiting Ha Long Bay. Most of the low-income domestic tourists will choose to visit the Bay from Bai Chay port, Ha Long. Tuan Chau not only enhances the meaning of leisure activities, but it also completes the price segment perfectly with the overall strength of the possible tourism potential of Ha Long Bay.

Bai Chay – The biggest entertainment destination in Ha Long Bay

Ticket price list to visit Ha Long Bai Chay

  • Tickets to Ha Long Sun World: 200,000-750,000 VND
  • 3D Museum: 80,000 VND

Before Sun World was started and put into operation in 2017, Bai Chay still simply had a prominent tourism meaning as swimming. With the large entertainment investment of Sun World Park, Bai Chay becomes the largest entertainment destination in Ha Long Bay. In addition, Bai Chay also has a night market, an old town, a colorful neighborhood, and a beach area that is free to visit without charge.

Tuan Chau Ha Long

Tickets to Bai Chay Ha Long

Hon Gai- Unspoiled natural space, find the purity

Ticket price to visit Hon Gai:

Tickets to visit Ha Long Quang Ninh Museum: 15,000 VND

After Sun World completed the construction of an amusement park in Ha Long. Quang Ninh’s tourism position has been developed to a new height. The meaning of connecting tourism values ​​with famous tourist destinations across the country is also getting closer and closer. One will see a Quang Ninh tourism model with many images similar to Da Nang’s tourism.

Hon Gai – a poetic tourist destination of Quang Ninh


While the tourist highlight of Da Nang is Ba Na Hill tourist area (on the hill), the tourist highlight of Quang Ninh is Ha Long Bay (on the sea). The highlight tourism model combining Sun World amusement park and unspoiled natural space between the two major tourist cities is increasingly similar.

If Da Nang has Marble Mountains and Son Tra Peninsula, Quang Ninh has Bai Tho Mountain and Co To Island. The beauty of unspoiled nature is an indispensable highlight in the colorful tourist picture of Da Nang as well as Quang Ninh.


With an increasingly large entertainment investment model, Ha Long is experiencing rapid changes in its tourism position. This also partly explains the average income per capita of Ha Long now ranked second in the country, higher than both Hanoi and Da Nang, just after Ho Chi Minh City.

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Judging from the business models of key tourist cities such as Quang Ninh and Da Nang, the models are relatively similar. From the key economic area, the business model combines resort, entertainment, and natural life. In general, it has sustainable economic value in the long run and has many attractions for domestic and foreign tourists.

Compared with the entertainment model of international tourist centers, the domestic tourism model still lacks activities related to casinos, bars, etc. In the future, it is still necessary to better catch up with the trend. general entertainment of the world. Ha Long motorbike rental service can also be seen as a unique tourism aspect of Vietnam today.

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