Ha Long boat ticket & night cruise experience

Ha Long boat ticket

Currently, the service of tours on Ha Long Bay is very diverse. The experience of cruising on the Bay at night is one of the unique tourism activities and brings a great source of budget revenue for ship owners and the local general budget. Ha Long boat ticket is one of the critical information any visitor to Ha Long is interested in.

Summary of information about all types of Ha Long boat tickets

Ha Long boat tickets are now very diverse. The ticket price is based on the hourly rental price divided by the average number of tourists traveling on the same trip. The rental price also depends on the quality and amenities inside the boat. The price will be higher with boats with many recreational facilities and resorts inside.

Ha Long boat ticket

Summary of Ha Long boat tickets

Cheap budget boat

A boat with a capacity of 14 to 30 people costs an average of 30 usd/hour to hire. Suitable for groups of 15 or more people with short routes from 4 to 6 hours.

  • Boat rental costs from 100-150 usd for 1 route.
  • The average cost of a popular Ha Long boat ticket is 100 usd/person.

Don’t rush to choose to buy a train ticket to the Bay right away, but look carefully at the information about the train you will go on. The essential information you need to know is: whether the destination is Ha Long Bay or not, the departure date, and departure time (if it is a return ticket – a two-way ticket, you need to see both the trip and the return trip)

Buy tickets from a reputable place to ensure: It is not difficult to meet tourists who have the habit of buying tickets online. It is not wrong when it is the most convenient and fastest place to buy tickets and see the ticket prices easily. However, visitors should choose reputable businesses, review ticket sales information, and get many good reviews from buyers.

Popular Ha Long boat

You can contact the boat owner directly to order tickets. Still, most ship owners prioritize getting travel agents because they have tour groups available—the number of passengers guaranteed to run the boat. Popular boats do not have any pieces of equipment. Even the seats are sketchy. The design is as simple as the conventional bus seating system.

Comfortable mid-range yacht

Mid-range yachts have more modern interior equipment, such as air conditioning and karaoke rooms—separate bedroom furniture with the number of bedrooms from 5 to 11.

Ha Long tour 2 days

  • Boat rental prices from 300- 700 usd/day and night.
  • Average cost per person: 50-70 usd/person.
  • Classy 5-star Ha Long cruise


The 5-star yachts have awe-inspiring interior designs. The ship has three floors with about 20-30 private rooms. Inside, fully integrated 5-star resort space from swimming pool, spa, high-class restaurant, bar…

Boat rental price from 2000-5000 usd / 1 trip

The average rental price for a 2 day 1 night trip is 100-150 usd/person.

List of 5-star cruises in Ha Long

  • Le Theater Cruise
  • Capella Cruise
  • Heritage Cruise Binh Chuan
  • Paradise Cruise
  • U Co Cruise
  • Bhaya Cruise
  • Starlight Cruises
  • Ha Long boat ticket – 5-star Ha Long cruise

Experience the night cruise on Ha Long Bay not to be missed?

Luxury cruises at night will provide you with the best quality travel experience. Making the cruise experience at night is an experience you should not miss when coming to Ha Long Bay.

Kayaking – relaxing leisure activities on the sea

It is also available to you if you hire a private boating service in the Bay. But you must participate in the experience at the locations arranged for you by the Bay management. If you participate in tourism and buy tickets to Ha Long on a 5-star cruise, you can comfortably experience this activity in any location of the Bay you want. The luxury 5-star yachts are equipped with kayaks to serve tourists’ entertainment needs.

Do tai chi in the early morning

You must have heard of the martial art of tai chi. It is a famous gymnastics that originated in China. On your Bay cruise, you have a coach helping you learn this new martial art early in the morning on the Bay. In the fresh air of the sea, the immense blue of the sky, and the river. It is an activity that gives you a lot of energy.

Ha Long boat ticket: Experience a night cruise on the Bay

A relaxing spa opens the mind

Relaxing spa service is also on board to help you stretch your muscles and have moments of complete rest during the journey. The spa includes massage, sauna, facial…

Cultural connections improve social understanding.

Another important reason is that you get to experience cultural connection activities. Get to know fellow travelers on the same trip. They can be tourists from many different countries or regions of Vietnam. In networking, you will get to know and learn a lot of new cultural knowledge from many other people.


Many different boat quality and Ha Long boat ticket prices meet your payment level. But if possible, you should try using a 5-star yacht to experience the best tourist service of Ha Long Bay. If you want a more dynamic Ha Long travel discovery experience, you should use Ha Long motorbike rental service.

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