Ha Long Cat Ba travel experience 2022

Ha Long Cat Ba

Ha Long Cat Ba is a significant tourist route with great potential for development in the future. Cat Ba is a large archipelago belonging to Hai Phong, but it is part of the island system of Ha Long Bay. Cat Ba is also the largest island, has the largest indigenous community, and is closest to the mainland. Convenient for long-term economic development. Cat Ba is still one of the most famous tourist attractions of Hai Phong today.

The meaning of the name and the value of Cat Ba tourism

The purpose of the name Cat Ba

According to ancient history, many female generals became famous in the battles against foreign invaders and had merits in the competitions to repel the enemy. With such meaning, the name Cat Ba was formed.

Ha Long Cat Ba

Meaning of the name Cat Ba

Tourism value of the island

Ha Long Cat Ba now has an extensive natural ecosystem with many different beaches scattered on the island. It is the most significant fishing ground in the North and has the oldest large fishing village in Vietnam. This feature makes Cat Ba likely to become a major center of eco-tourism soon, combining cultural and entertainment experiences in the future.

Ha Long Cat Ba travel experience

Many activities to experience coastal tourism, including kayaking, Lan Ha bay beach, hiking through the national forest, adventure climbing, fishing, and exploring limestone caves, have a lot of potential development on Cat Ba island.

When should you travel to Cat Ba?

Cat Ba is in the marine ecosystem of Ha Long Bay. There are 4 seasons of temperature and weather favorable for traveling on the sea. Except for July, and August, cruise activities may be interrupted by tropical storms. Traveling to Ha Long Cat Ba in any season has its unique imprint of each season.


In spring, Ha Long Cat Ba is colorful with the colors of Spring Festivals, and the summer color is bright red with phoenix flowers. In autumn, the weather is clear. In winter, the weather is cold, and the atmosphere is busy waiting for a new year to come.

Which route for traveling Ha Long – Cat Ba?

Ha Long Cat Ba is very close, so the traffic is straightforward. You can catch a train from Ha Long port to Cat Ba. Or take a Ha Long bus to Hai Phong with 21 different daily trips. From the bus station, you move to the port from the bus station to catch a ferry to Cat Ba island.

Ha Long Cat Ba tourist route

Travel time from Ha Long to Cat Ba is only a few hours. You can still fly if you want because Quang Ninh and Hai Phong have airports. You can travel directly between the two cities by plane. But the flight time is too short, and the waiting time for check-in is long, so flying may not be an optimal choice.

Famous Cat Ba tourist destination

Located right next to Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba, in addition to the potential for tourism to the bay and beaches, also owns a substantial national forest, diverse flora and fauna, and a panoramic view of the bay from the impressive Cannon Fort.


  • Beach: Cat Co 1,2,3, Tung Thu beach
  • A natural wonder of Lan Ha Bay
  • Cannon Fort
  • Cat Ba National Park

Lan Ha Bay is located to the south of Ha Long Bay and east of Cat Ba Island. The island in Ha Lan Bay is smaller than Ha Long Bay. However, all the islands are covered with green and the number of islands is about 400 islands, with an area of ​​7000ha. The famous tourist attractions of Lan Ha Bay include Luon cave, Nam Cat island, Monkey island, Turtle island, Chuong island, and Van Boi beach.

The view of Lan Ha Bay from Cat Ba Island will be breathtaking. Besides, Cat Ba has a unique highlight with the type of safari tourism that has more potential for development in the future.

Delicious specialties of Cat Ba

Famous as the most considerable fishing ground in the North, Ha Long Cat Ba has a vibrant seafood cuisine such as sea crabs, Tu Hai, sea clams, lobsters, and sea snakes. Famous delicious dishes that you should not miss when coming to Cat Ba such as grilled lobster with egg sauce, grilled clams, blanched lobster with wine, salted roasted crab, and grilled sea sam…


List of famous fine dining restaurants in Cat Ba

  • Green Mango Restaurant
  • Yummy Restaurant
  • Floating restaurant 559 Hung Manh
  • Phuong Nhung Restaurant
  • Quang Tung seafood restaurant
  • Quang Anh floating restaurant

Favorite delicious Cat Ba restaurant

In Cat Ba, there is a type of floating restaurant service that is quite impressive to tourists. Floating restaurants are designed to be built firmly on the water. Luxurious interior with sea view. Excellent space and delicious food impress visitors visit. Local specialties as gifts include dried squid, shrimp paste, and Cat Hai fish sauce, famous throughout the country.

Should you go to Ha Long Cat Ba by motorbike?

Due to the relatively close location of Cat Ba, riding a motorbike can be a practical option for young people. Besides, you can visit the port city of Hai Phong and other famous tourist attractions.

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