Introduction to Ha Long Bay- more than just a scenic spot

introduction to Ha Long Bay

Referring to the introduction to Ha Long Bay, we will immediately think of a famous tourist destination in the country and abroad. However, Ha Long Bay is still a place with many outstanding economic and cultural characteristics and values. Let’s find out with the article below.

Ha Long Bay – an ancient cultural relic

Ha Long Bay is a world cultural and natural heritage that is no longer a piece of new information for many Vietnamese people. Besides the international values ​​of nature, Ha Long Bay is also the archaeological cradle of ancient cultures. Ha Long Bay has relics of at least three cultures from ancient times: Soi Nhu culture, Cai Beo culture, and Ha Long culture. There are thousands of years of prehistoric people living in this area.

introduction to Ha Long Bay

Introduction to Ha Long Bay, an ancient cultural relic

When introducing Ha Long Bay, we cannot forget that Vinh is a place with many beautiful scenes and natural wonders on the sea. Each limestone stone has a distinct shape, as if the hands of a skilled craftsman molded it. The vividness of the figure makes each limestone in the Bay have a fascinating and mythical story.

Introduction to Ha Long Bay – diverse flora and fauna ecosystem

Introducing Ha Long Bay, we cannot fail to mention the characteristic features of a rich flora and fauna ecosystem. Due to the diverse archipelago of islands in the sea, Ha Long Bay’s ecosystem includes terrestrial and aquatic. The remote islands, isolated from human society, still preserve many rare species of flora and fauna.

Ha Long Bay – economic strength in aquaculture and fishing

The temperature of Ha Long Bay is relatively mild, which is a port to avoid storms and variable conditions at sea. Therefore, the Bay has suitable conditions to develop aquaculture and fishing. This farming also needs to be planned and exploited far from the shore, avoiding the busy tourist area of ​​boats traveling on the Gulf.

Tuan Chau Ha Long

Fisheries strength of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay – is a famous tourist destination with many water-based experiences.

Ha Long Bay is a famous tourist destination that everyone knows. However, there is a point that not everyone knows when introducing Ha Long Bay, which is a highly diverse travel experience. There are a few prominent examples.

  • Kayaking, combining exercise and sightseeing
  • Mountain climbing- extreme sport on Ti Top island
  • Wine party at Trong cave
  • Cultural tourism in the fishing village
  • Ecotourism in Soi Sim Island
  • See Ha Long Bay by cable car or seaplane
  • Overnight by a cruise on the Bay

If you only know how to take a boat out to admire the scenery in Ha Long Bay, then you are probably missing a lot of things to participate in tourist experience activities here. Experiential activities combining sports, eco-tourism, culture, and unique means of transportation such as kayaks and seaplanes will bring you countless exciting travel experiences on the Bay. .

Ha Long Bay – a treasure of a living dictionary of languages

There are 3 prominent landforms classified in the Gulf Islands, islands and caves. However, the abundance of place names here makes people wonder again: what is an island, what is an island, what is the difference between mountains and hills? Are Con, Stone, Pair used in the same sense as Hon? What’s the difference between a cave and a cave?

Ha Long Bay – a place to clear your mind about the concept of place names at sea

  • Fighting Cock Islet, Dinh Huong Island
  • Tuan Chau Island, Co To Island
  • Wood Head Mountain, Bai Tho Mountain
  • Pair of Beams, Pair of Pelicans
  • Con Be, Dum Sin
  • Odd Stones, Dropped Stones
  • Sung Sot Cave, Wooden Dau Cave
  • Thien Cung Cave

Ha Long Bay – a living dictionary of languages

Why do so many Cai words appear in landmarks in Ha Long?

An extraordinary linguistic phenomenon that introduces Ha Long Bay is the appearance of letters. Cai Stone, Cai Rong, Cai Be, Cai Carry Ong, Cai Cang Ba, Cai Bac thang, Cai Lo, Cai Ruong, Cai Vo, … The thing in Ha Long is an ancient word used for a long time. It has no meaning. Being a woman is just the common gender as it is now. Its old purpose is near the shore.

The names of places in Ha Long Bay are associated with a legend

  • Trinh Nu Cave: the story of a poor girl who did not submit to authority and kept her virginity.
  • Wooden Dau Mountain – keeps the relics of pile driving on Bach Dang river
  • Hon Trong Mai: the story of a couple of chickens tasked by the Jade Emperor to go down to the Bay to call the Dragon back.

Ha Long Cat Ba

There are still many other names and places that have yet to be explained

The place names such as Vong Vieng, Xa Cong, Hu Lang, Hu Ngan, Be Hen….so far, linguists have not been able to interpret them fully. Many place names are derived from ancient meanings that are no longer widely known. Some take their names from the French language, the time they colonized, and named the islands and caves in the Gulf.

There are places named after their outer shape: Turtle island, Crab island, Coc island, Choi chicken island, Non island, Dua island, Buom island… There are island places named after common plant species. On the island such as star fruit island, tree si island, corn island, bean island…


The diversity of geology, topography, elements of structure, location, and climate create a Ha Long Bay with countless outstanding highlights. Not only a famous natural landmark, but Ha Long Bay also plays an essential role in nature conservation in terms of cultural, economic, and linguistic significance.

The international popularity is the essential feature of introducing Ha Long Bay. Plus the interference with unique cultural meaning, the tourism value of Quang Ninh is exceptionally significant. It is reflected in the number of monthly tourists visiting this place up to 1 million times. Among them, about 40% of tourists need to rent motorbikes in Ha Long. So indeed, having a reputable motorbike rental address in Ha Long will be an essential information need for many people.

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