Top delicious Ha Long street food for young people

Ha Long street food

Speaking of Ha Long cuisine, in addition to fresh seafood, don’t forget the delightful Ha Long street food. Their taste is always exceptionally delicious while the price is very low. With just 10 usd,  you can eat enough of these sidewalk and street foods.

The latest trend of street food in Ha Long

Ha Long bubble yogurt- the first delicious snack in Ha Long

Referring to the first delicious Ha Long snack, it is indispensable for Ha Long bubble yogurt. Ha Long pearl yogurt has been the latest culinary trend since last year when they opened a series of these shops in Ha Long city. At the same time, this business model of Ha Long quickly became a food brand with a substantial spread in many other big cities, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang.

Ha Long street food

 Delicious food in Ha Long 

The price of a cup of bubble yogurt is not too high, starting from 25k, but it has a lot of flavors like milk tea. Outstanding flavors include cocoa, coffee, glutinous rice, peach, strawberry, aloe vera, blueberry… They are made from soft yogurt and accompanied by pearls. The decoration of a glass of yogurt is very eye-catching. The taste is delicious, sweet, and calm, worthy of the title of the first delightful dish in Ha Long.

Fruit ice cream, Ha Long coconut ice cream, delicious dishes

Along with the new food trend of pearl yogurt, fruit and coconut ice cream shops in Ha Long are also extremely popular. Their highlights are low prices, delicious food, and beautiful decoration. With only 25k, you own large ice cream with an eye-catching image. The creamy taste is smooth, delicious, calm, and not too sweet. It is a refreshing and healthy dish on hot summer days.

Ice cream hotpot (Miss Fat Snack)

Ice cream hot pot is also a recent trend of Ha Long delicacies, even for young people in Ha Long. It’s called a hot pot, but it’s not like you’ll boil the stove and drop ice cream. The ice cream hotpot is so-called because it is in a large round tray. Below are 5 smaller trays divided into 5 different types of ice cream. For ice cream lovers, such a large serving of zinc will surely make you fall in love.

Ha Long delicacies come from local specialties

Ba Gia fried spring rolls (162 Vuon Dao)

Ba Gia fried spring rolls is a famous brand of fried spring rolls in Hanoi. Ỏ Ha Long, you can comfortably enjoy this particular flavor of spring rolls. Hanoi fried spring rolls taste deliciously from meat, greasy but not fatty. Always the top snack of young people.

Ha Long specialties

Ba Gia fried spring rolls – delicious Ha Long dish. Don’t forget to enjoy

Nem chua Quang Yen

Although having the same ingredients as Thanh Hoa nem chua, Quang Yen nem chua and nem chua is a famous Ha Long delicacy from the past to now. Their taste is very characteristic, plus the way of eating is also extraordinary. You will wrap them with rice paper rolls, then dip them with sweet and sour dipping sauce. Along with vegetables, the accompanying melon creates 4 harmonious flavors of sour, spicy, salty, and lovely in the same dish.

Taiyaki Fish Cake (Mono)

Taiyaki fish cake is a traditional Japanese cake. It has a lovely fish shape. It is made from flour with egg puree, then poured into a tray and cooked by electricity. Although made from flour, the taste of the cake is not the same as the flour bread that people often eat. It has a greasy, fatty, and sweet taste that is very pleasant to eat.

Delicious food in Ha Long street people

A series of new snacking trends that have awakened the fresh visual taste of Ha Long youth. There are still other traditional and popular Ha Long delicacies that young people love, even though a new and significant wave of junk food is entering the market.

Ha Long bánh gối

Bread Waiting for Ha Long (435 Le Thanh Tong)

Boiled snails, and fried snails in Ha Long market

Ha Long’s pillow cake recipe is always famous and delicious. The inside is made from vermicelli, wood ear, eggs, and meat. The outer shell of the cake is crispy fried flour that is both delicious and greasy. It is a delightful traditional Ha Long dish. Vietnamese people love to eat snails, while snails in Ha Long are incredibly diverse, not only in terms of types but also in different ways of processing.

Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area

Snails are a popular snack, but the price is meager and easy to prepare. The typical Ha Long bread flavor you should also try once. Bread is a traditional dish of Vietnamese people, but in different places, they have other recipes. Well worth your enjoyment.


The trend of delicious Ha Long snacks in recent years has changed considerably. Young people’s eating habits are changing rapidly. Along with the integration and exchange of local cuisine, delicious dishes quickly established a position on Ha Long’s cultural and culinary map of Ha Long.

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