Delicious and famous Ha Long specialties

Ha Long specialties

Ha Long is famous as the most attractive tourist destination in the country. At the same time, Ha Long specialties are extremely rich and diverse. Once you have come to Ha Long, it is a pity not to enjoy all the delicious dishes here.

Ha Long main dish from fresh ingredients

Hand-crushed squid – a long-standing esoteric specialty of Ha Long

Ha Long squid rolls are a delicious Ha Long thing famous for their utterly handmade recipe and processing. Ingredients from fresh squid are delicious, crispy, sweet, unforgettable, and attractive. Ha Long squid rolls are eaten with sticky rice. Banh cuon is an indispensable breakfast dish for Ha Long people.

Ha Long specialties

Hand-grilled squid cake – the first cuisine in Ha Long

  • Address to buy Ha Long squid rolls: Ong Ba Seafood – Sunworld Ha Long Park Pedestrian Street, Lot C122, Ha Long Street, Bai Chay Ward
  • Address to eat squid rolls: Ms. Ngan – 34 Doan Thi Diem, Bach Dang Ward

Stir-frying, steam, or grilled Mud clam – delicious in all kinds

Mud clam is delicious seafood unique to Ha Long. It is the same species as clams, and mussels but bigger in size. You can cook it into many different dishes such as steamed, grilled, and fried. It is an indispensable dish in the fun of Ha Long people.

Eat: – Thien Anh Seafood Restaurant – Cai Dam Urban Area (Bai Chay)

Sá sùng with garlic, grilled egg sam – a super strange dish of Ha Long

Prominent in the culinary menu of Ha Long is Sá Sùng. They are all types of seafood unique to Ha Long. Exceptional taste, delicious.

Do you want to eat delicious Sa Sung? Huong Duyen Hon Gai Restaurant – 66 Tran Hung Dao, Cao Thang ward

Want to eat Limulus polyphemus? Where to go? Sam Ba Ty restaurant in Hon Gai – Alley 6 Cao Thang or Lane 7D Cao Thang (downhill turn left)

Tien Yen hill chicken, grilled Loi chicken – bold rustic flavor

In addition to delicious seafood dishes, Ha Long is also a place with many local dishes. One of them is Tien Yen hill chicken. Ha Long also has an area with a unique name, Loi m. There are large chicken farms here. Chickens are raised by grazing on the hill, so the meat is sweet, chewy, and delicious.

Ha Long specialties

Famous delicious Tien Yen hill chicken in Ha Long

Seasoning and grilling are essential to have delicious grilled Ha Long specialty chicken. The chicken will be marinated with spices and grilled on a charcoal stove or with an electric stove. Delicious grilled chicken will have a crispy skin, sweet, greasy, not too dry, and not too burnt. The chicken inside is soft, medium-cooked, and enough to absorb the spices.

To eat Tien Yen Hill Chicken, go to Green Grass 3 – Song Da Fish, Tien Yen Chicken & Tu Ky Roi – 16 Area 4B, Hung Thang Ward.

Hurry up and eat grilled Loi m: You take a boat to the area at the foot of the Loi pagoda, and you will see a lot of restaurants to choose from.

The first Ha Long specialty for breakfast

Ha porridge, mussel porridge- famous for its delicious and nutritious

Ha is an attractive seafood ingredient of Ha Long with high nutritional value. Gao is roasted fragrantly, then cooked into porridge to create a delicious, characteristic flavor of Ha porridge. Quang Ninh Chai has a natural salty taste and is greasy, chewy, and crunchy. Its recipe makes a delightful, strange, and unique Ha Long mussel porridge with a strong sea flavor.

Where to eat Ha Porridge? Hang’s shop – 42 Tran Hung Dao, Bach Dang

Let’s eat porridge together at Mrs. Nga’s porridge – Loong Toong market snack area, Tran Nhat Duat.

Banh Troi, nodding cake – popular snack food

It is made from flour, through human hands molded into long and slender shapes like nodding cakes and round balls like floating cakes. Nodding cake filling is made from minced meat, while it is filled with sweet green beans sprinkled with fragrant sesame and hot ginger flavor. They are attractive food and snacks for the hungry people of Ha Long.

top delicious restaurants in Ha Long

Banh Troi – Ha Long specialty

Where to go to eat Nodding Cake? Ha Long Night Market, Ha Long Market 1 and 2

Eat Hot Dumplings at Co Beo Snack Shop, Hong Hai Ward

Spicy fish vermicelli, duck with wormwood stew – familiar Ha Long dishes

It is very familiar to any Ha Long people when hungry is a spicy fish noodle soup and stewed duck with wormwood. Compared with Central and Southern cuisine, fried fish balls and wormwood are indispensable street foods, especially in winter when the weather is cold. The broth’s hot taste and spices’ spicy taste help diners warm their stomachs and have a quick anti-hunger effect.

Go to eat Spicy Fish Noodles at Ngu Uyen Spicy Fish Noodles – on April 25, Bach Dang. Let’s go eat Tiet Ham La Ngai: Ha Long market 1



Ha Long specialties are characterized by a culinary culture of the mountains and the sea. The typical seafood ingredients are unique to Ha Long. They combine with the traditional cooking secret of Ha Long people and the distinct culinary taste of the North of Vietnam.

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