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Ha Long Bay

Most of you will think of cruising on Ha Long Bay if asked about the tourist activities to experience here. But there’s much more to the experience than on the Bay. Please follow along with the article below.

Kayaking on Ha Long Bay

Kayaking is one of the great tourist activities on Ha Long Bay. At the same time, it is also a prominent tourist attraction for kayaking worldwide. Kayaking requires relatively high physical strength, especially the power in the arms. You should experience this activity with a male friend if you are female.

Ha Long Bay

Kayaking on Ha Long Bay

Boating on Ha Long Bay will be pretty enjoyable, and you can relax and admire the view of the Bay more slowly than sitting on a yacht. Exercise also helps to increase your mental excitement. Notably, the kayak is relatively small and flexible, so you can comfortably visit the deeper nooks and crannies of the island and coves.

Overnight on the yacht

Overnight on a yacht, if classified as a romantic element, is the most romantic activity in sea tourism. Imagine under a shimmering sky of bright stars and gentle moonlight. All around you are mountains and a vast, rolling sea.

In the distance, the sound of melodic waves, the sound of birds calling to the flock, the sound of dolphins in the quiet night. Such a peaceful, beautiful scene is hardly possible without a cruise on the Bay at night.

See Ha Long Bay from a seaplane.

A seaplane is a small aircraft used to fly at low altitudes, and you can enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay from above. Compared to experiencing the Bay from a yacht, watching the Bay from above will bring you many new experiences. The feeling of excitement mixed with excitement when looking at the Bay from above. The wide field of view will help you to capture beautiful, memorable movies of a lifetime of the Bay scene.

travel to Ha Long in winter

See Ha Long Bay from a seaplane

Experience climbing on the islands

Mountains in the islands of Ha Long Bay are usually low and easy to paddle. The danger is not severe, so you can experience climbing even if you are a beginner climbing the mountain for the first time. Climbing requires a lot of strength, extreme toughness, patience, steel spirit, and courage.

Although rock climbing is somewhat risky, the level of training and challenge in this sport will give you great character qualities. The feeling of conquering difficulties on the arduous mountain road will surely also give you a sense of extreme happiness.

Explore the most beautiful caves

Ha Long Bay has countless caves considered the most beautiful in the world, on the enormous scale with the most complex geological formations. The cave is a natural world utterly different from the high material life of modern people. Every detail and line in the cave is exquisite as if created by a master sculptor.

The cave is a work of nature that has been created over thousands of years. Artistic creativity and geological and historical significance are enormous. It is a beautiful natural product reminding people to love and appreciate our environment.

Take the 2-story cable car to enjoy the panoramic view of the Bay

Another way that is much cheaper than a seaplane, but you can see the whole view of Ha Long Bay from above, is to take the 2-deck cable car. The project was invested in and completed by Son World in 2016. Besides the exciting feeling of being moved at an unusual height from the ground. Then you will be worried and thrilled by the cable car’s size, overwhelmed by the grandeur of the view from above.

Visit fishing villages on the Bay

The fishing village is the cultural life of the fishermen at sea. The fishing village reflects the life of a group of residents day and night selling themselves at sea. They live by fishing at sea and spending time sleeping on boats at night. They spend little time on land, mainly buying and selling necessary applications.

Ha long travel experiences

Cua Van fishing village originated from Giang Vong village and Truc Vong village – the two oldest ancient fishing villages ever. Currently, about 300 households are living by fishing in the town. The rows of houses close together to create an extremely eye-catching scene. All travel activities are mainly by basket boat, creating excitement for visitors. Besides the beautiful natural scenery and many marine tourism experiences, you can also visit and discover artifacts at a few small centers.

Those who love the experience and are looking for a fishing village tourist destination can visit Cong Dam village. As a small village with only about 120 households, this is also one of the fishing villages in Ha Long that retains the traditional fishing culture.

Prestigious Ha Long motorbike rental service

Above are all exciting activities and experiences on Ha Long Bay. Whether you experience Ha Long alone or with friends or going for a few days or longer, motorbikes are still an indispensable means of transportation. You can go deep into the nooks and crannies of every small alley or get on a ferry to travel on remote islands.

Renting a motorbike in Ha Long will be a helpful suggestion for you. Choose Kim’s Motorbike, where service quality always comes first. The quality of the car is excellent and smooth on all journeys. Consulting service, support 24 out of 7 in all bad situations.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

In addition, the owner of this shop is very enthusiastic and attentive. Not only advising on attractive tourist destinations, but the owner also shares many helpful riding experiences. Mainly young people who go backpacking for the first time can refer to it for a convenient and safe trip.

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