Overview of Ha Long city

Ha Long city

Ha Long city is the city that plays the most important economic role not only in Quang Ninh but also in the whole country. With special natural conditions, the most abundant natural resources in the country.

Geographical location, natural conditions

Ha Long city is located along the shore of Ha Long Bay with a length of 50km, 160km from Hanoi. The area of ​​Ha Long city is over 1 million square kilometers, equivalent to the size of ​​Da Nang city. Ha Long has three main types of terrain: islands, mountains, valleys, and coastal regions. Hills have an average low elevation of 150 to 250 meters.

Ha Long city

The geographical location of Ha Long city

Southeast of the city is Ha Long Bay, with an area of ​​1500km2, and has the unique limestone structure in the world. Ha Long Bay’s natural landscape is recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural and natural heritage, one of the seven new wonders of human society.

Climate, rivers, natural resources

Climate Ha Long city is in the tropical monsoon area with 4 distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Summer is hot, but not as long as in Vietnam’s central and southern regions. The climate is close to the sea, so it is mild, and the winter and summer temperatures are not too different. The highest temperature in summer reaches 40 degrees, averaging 30.32 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature in winter is not less than 10 degrees, averaging 17.18 degrees Celsius.

The area of ​​Ha Long rivers is also quite large, 4 main rivers are tributaries of the Red River: Dien Vong, Vu Oai, Man, Troi. The system of rivers and streams is thick but directly connected to the sea. Even with heavy rain, it quickly floods.

Natural resources of Ha Long city

Natural resources are a great strength of Ha Long. Due to its large mountainous area, Ha Long has rich forest resources. The country’s largest coal reserves. Marine resources are Ha Long Bay is a landscape with a record number of islands and caves in the world.

Administration and economy of Ha Long city

Although it has a small area, the administration of Ha Long city is quite complicated. It has 33 administrative units, while Da Nang has only 4 zones. 33 departments, including 21 wards and 12 communes. The density of industrial production facilities is enormous, with a total of 1470 establishments. There are 3 large industrial zones Cai Lan, Viet Hung, and Ha Khanh, 4 large ports, and 11 small ports. It is the city with the highest economic growth rate in the country.

Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area

Administration and economy of Ha Long city


The economic center has 4 distinct areas, including:

  • Commercial and service locations in the city center,
  • Industrial area,
  • Tourist area with Bai Chay, Tuan Chau,
  • Agriculture, forestry, and fishery area in Dai Yen, Viet Hung

The urbanization rate is relatively high with large projects, including

  • Mon Bay Ha Long
  • Vinhomes Dragon Bay urban area
  • Times Garden
  • Ha Long Marina Hung Thang
  • Viet Hung urban area
  • Cao Xanh urban area – Ha Khanh


Ha Long city’s shipbuilding industry is also the country’s leading development industry. Also, with Hai Phong port, Ha Long plays the role of the leading economic, tourist, and commercial port in the country.

Social, culinary, Ha Long tourism

Ha Long city is a city with a relatively large number of different ethnic groups. 15 other ethnic groups such as Tay, Nung, H’Mong, famous Ha Long cuisine including squid rolls, Kasay, Ha Long sam, shrimp, blood cockles, surface… Fiber-optic speed and Internet services develop fast. Even Ha Long Bay is available with free wifi.

Ha Long city society and cuisine

The transport infrastructure system is diversified, with enough routes: air, waterway, railway, and road. In which waterway cargo traffic accounts for a high proportion. Ha Long city annually has the most significant number of tourists visiting the country.

The tourism development model of Ha Long city is increasingly large and diverse, especially with high-class resort services combined with tours to visit Ha Long Bay. The major tourist ports, including Ha Long port and Tuan Chau port, serve the purpose of tourism with the number of trips and the number of ship owners extensive.

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