Review top famous restaurants and cafes in Hon Gai

Ha Long Bay

Different from the hustle and bustle of Ha Long city center, where the seaports are always crowded with noisy people. Hon Gai is still wild and peaceful, with many beautiful natural landscapes. However, since the 19th century, this place has also been Vietnam’s significant economic and trade center.

Along with the growing development trend of Ha Long Bay, Hon Gai is also becoming more and more popular with tourists. Especially the culinary culture of this area.

Famous restaurants on the 5 sea road

Hong Dam raft house – 5-star restaurant class

The design of the raft restaurant, floating on the sea, with ample open space and a panoramic view of the sea, gives visitors an extraordinarily diverse and rich culinary freedom. The menu of Hon Gai restaurant must have about 200 dishes with many rich ingredients, including abalone, elephant trunk, crab, Canadian lobster, fish, squid, and seafood snail.

Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area

Hong Dam raft house – famous restaurant in Hon Gai

Premium seafood ingredients are with 5-star recipes. The menu includes appetizers such as soup and seafood, snacks, and various main dishes, including seafood and wild animals such as wild boar, leopard cat, civet, ginseng… Ingredients are most nutritious and expensive.

Anh Duong Restaurant – professional and dedicated

With a sophisticated and outstanding design space, the food menu is diverse, with 200 different dishes. The culinary menu is with 5-star Hon Gai recipes with a professional and dedicated working attitude. Anh Duong has won a lot of attention and affection from domestic and foreign diners.

Jumbo Ocean Floating Restaurant – simple, popular

With a diverse food system of 200 dishes, it has ample space with a large capacity of diners. Jumbo Ocean is also a restaurant that many tourists love and choose. The menu, including traditional hometown dishes, is quite close, and the cost is more suitable for most tourists.

Hong Hanh 1 restaurant (column 8, Hon Gai)- cozy, premium

Hong Hanh Restaurant is a large restaurant chain in Hon Gai, Ha Long, with a modern space design and a rich menu at a low price. Hong Hanh is known by many tourists for many popular dishes but delicious quality. Customers highly appreciate the words such as fried rice, rib porridge, seafood salad, Thai hot pot soup, squid ink with sticky coconut rice, and beef hot pot. The restaurant has a small scale, suitable for a cozy family space.

Top cafes with beautiful views in Hon Gai

Dupin Coffee & Bar (Halong DC building)- full view of Ha Long Bay

Dupin Coffee is a coffee shop on the 21st floor of the Halong DC building. One of the high-rise buildings with a panoramic view of Ha Long Bay. The interior design of Dupin is super beautiful, making you surprised. Dupin deserves to be the top 1 coffee shop in Hon Gai and Ha Long city with its large space, luxurious design, and delicious drinks.

Ha Long city

Famous coffee shop Hon Gai, Dupin coffee & bar

Rooftop Coffee & Bar (No. 1, April 25th Street)

Rooftop Coffee is also a luxury cafe with a super lovely interior design. Although the rooftop is not far from the Halong DC building, it has the ideal height to see the whole city at night. The interior design is a mixture of red, brown, and yellow, creating an architectural nuance that is both luxurious and nostalgic. The drinks are delicious, and the service style of the staff is highly professional.

Another highlight at Rooftop is serving breakfast and office lunch. The food is also quite tasty and varied. You can both sip a cup of coffee and order food when hungry. The space is still quite romantic, so this is also an ideal dating place for couples.

Old Town Cafe- castle cafe (Tran Quoc Nghien street)

Old Town Cafe is located directly overlooking the Bay and is a trendy check-in place for young people in Ha Long. Drinks at Old Town cafe are also quite affordable, so many people love them. The old town, Hon Gai has many design corners with diverse styles such as fairy, modern, ancient and present.

Ha Long to Cat Ba

Old town cafe- famous coffee shop in Hon Gai

The exterior design of the Old Town cafe is very striking, looking like an ancient castle. So it is called other names as the castle cafe. Referring to the beautiful cafe space in Ha Long, perhaps it will be impossible not to mention Old Town.

Play Pub (330 Gieng Don, Tran Hung Dao Ha Long, Quang Ninh)

Play Pub is a cafe with a small space, a popular design. However, its design style is unique when mixed with the old look, but the interior is simple and close to being Asian. In particular, the play pub has a private space suitable for young people to date. There is an acoustic show in the evening, so it is also an exciting cafe address in Ha Long.

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