Top beautiful places in Ha Long is a virtual paradise for youth

beautiful places in Ha Long

Ha Long is a famous place with countless experiences and beautiful scenes that captivate people. In an indispensable tourism trend for young people is virtual check-in. So what are the beautiful places in Ha Long that young people consider the most beautiful virtual living paradise? Please follow the article below.

Ha Long Bay – perfect natural complex

Ha Long Bay is a famous beautiful seascape not only domestically but internationally. Ha Long Bay, one of the beautiful places in Ha Long, is a natural complex with thousands of islands and artificial limestone rocks. Create a perfectly realistic picture only of Ha Long Bay. Selfie backgrounds are the famous islands of the Bay, guaranteeing you will have some beautiful and unique photo collections.

beautiful places in Ha Long

Ha Long Bay- one of the beautiful places in Ha Long


Beautiful photography angles: Trong Mai Island, Choi chicken island, Swan island, Turtle island, Chuong island, Dinh Huong island..

Bai Chay beach – beauty pours out the mind.

There is an undeniable point that the beauty of the beaches makes people always feel relieved and can express their thoughts. In the distance, silver waves followed each other to the shore. On the horizon are undulating green mountains, sometimes blurred in the fog, sometimes appearing blue in the corner of the sky. In that scene, the photo on the beach always directs people to joy and optimism.

Ha Long Bay tours

Bai Chay Beach – beautiful places to refresh your mind

Your bare feet step on each dimple, and you feel the relaxation in the soles of the feet. Listen to the sea waves whispering, rushing to the shore as if listening to a storyteller. On the blue beach, sometimes a few bird wings appear. Bai Chay beach is always one of the beautiful places in Ha Long that captivate visitors and does not want to leave.

Beyond the shore to the mainland are green trees covering the beach, interspersed with undulating hotel buildings. No matter how full of thoughts people’s hearts are, going to the sea is like being relieved again.

Sun World Ha Long Park- an artistic & cultural highlight

Sun World is a very famous project that not only has thrilling games. There are always beautiful selfie corners on the campus. All products and architectural works in Sun World Park are done by the hands of famous designers.

Moreover, each architectural work has its cultural highlights so that visitors can feel the ideal cultural and entertainment values ​​of Sun World tourism space. As long as you carefully prepare batteries and photographic equipment, you will have a collection of the most beautiful and valuable photos in your life with a visit to Sun World Ha Long.

Bai Chay old town – bold national culture

Inspired by the tourism model of Da Nang, Quang Ninh almost no longer lacks a corner of tourism culture. Da Nang has the tourist center of Ba Na, while Quang Ninh has Ha Long Bay. Da Nang has Sun World park, Quang Ninh also has. Da Nang has tourist attractions associated with nature, such as Ngu Hanh Son, Son Tra peninsula, Quang Ninh, Poet Mountain, and Co To island.

Bai Chay old town – national cultural vitality

Da Nang has Hoi An ancient town, Quang Ninh also has a model of Hoi An old town, a miniature Hanoi old town. The famous cultural values ​​of the nation will surely attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. It also encourages visitors to Hanoi, with Hoi An, to experience the actual old town travel itinerary.

Tuan Chau Island – the ace in the local tourism strategy

One of the absolute tourist values ​​of Ha Long is Tuan Chau Island. A thorough physical investment system attracts high-income guests when traveling to Ha Long. The investment scale of Tuan Chau island is immense, with unique and creative outdoor performances to bring visitors new travel experiences. Tuan Chau Island is one of the beautiful places in Ha Long for young people to check in.

Quang Ninh Museum – a virtual living sanctuary

One of the unique and exciting architectural works of Quang Ninh and one of the most beautiful places in Ha Long is Quang Ninh Museum. Quang Ninh Museum is a virtual living sanctuary for young people. The selfie photos with the background of Quang Ninh museum show a new living atmosphere of Quang Ninh. Quang Ninh is changing skin every day. Its attraction and tourism heat are getting stronger and stronger.

Therefore, Quang Ninh attracts more and more tourists to come here to experience new tourism activities and new cultural and tourism works. One of the activities you should not miss is renting a motorbike to explore every corner and street beauty of Ha Long.

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Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Also, the quality of the motorbikes here always helps customers feel secure on every journey. The motorbikes here always ensure fundamental components and change the petrol when necessary. In addition, the rental cars here are also very fuel-efficient. You will no longer need to worry about running out of gas in the middle of the road. It will also save you a small amount of money.

In addition, the owner of this shop is very enthusiastic and attentive. Not only advising on attractive tourist destinations, but the owner also shares many helpful riding experiences. Mainly young people who go backpacking for the first time can refer to it for a convenient and safe trip.

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