The latest Co To Ha Long travel experience

Co To Ha Long

Co To Ha Long is the most beautiful Pearl island in Ha Long Bay. Nguyen Tuan also mentioned Co To Island in his literary and artistic works. Co To’s wild and romantic beauty makes people think of Che Chu island of Korea. So let’s find out what the attractions are on Co To island.

What is the most beautiful season on Co To Island in Ha Long?

Co To Ha Long is an island, so most people would like to see it in the summer to have an exciting bathing experience. Summer is also ideal for catching fresh seafood and preparing delicious seafood. Another point is what tourists love because of the bright sunlight of summer falling on the emerald green sea, creating a beautiful natural beauty.

Co To Ha Long travel experience

For most students, students, and related disciplines, summer is the season to relax and enjoy longer breaks to explore new sights and landmarks. If you are a couple in love or newlywed, then experiencing a private vacation for 2 people on Co To Island Ha Long will be a great choice.

Co To Ha Long

Co To Ha Long travel experience

Route guide to Co To island

From Ha Long, you rent a motorbike or take a bus to Cai Rong port. You hire a speedboat or a wooden boat to go to the island. Most trains depart to the island in the morning and return in the evening. There are many regular trains between the two shores, so you don’t need to worry about buying train tickets.

  • The high-speed ticket price is 10 USD/1 ticket, it takes more than 1 hour
  • A wooden boat costs 5 USD / 1 ticket and takes 2.5 hours.

List of some ships going to Co To island

  • Kalong train
  • Minh Quang ship
  • The Havaco

Where should you go on Co To?

There are many high-end hotels on Co To Ha Long Island whose prices will startle you. Most homestays and hotels in Co To are expensive, averaging 750,000 to 1 million vnd. If you want to stay at a cheaper cost, you should choose and find out the prices of homestays in advance. The number of homestays on the island is also huge, but it is difficult to find. You can refer to some below with budget costs from 200 to 300 thousand 1 day.


List of cheap homestays on Co To island


  • Haki Coto Homestay
  • Homestay Anh Kiet
  • Coto Family Homestay
  • Homestay Tuan Thuy
  • Homestay Cuong Thinh
  • Homestay Tuan Hanh
  • Homestay Mai Linh Coto
  • Homestay Luong Chi
  • Homestay Thanh Binh
  • Homestay Thi Hieu Co To

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Cheap Homestay in Co To Ha Long

Co To tourist destination

The most beautiful Van Chay and Hong Van beaches in Co To

It will be a significant omission if you go to Co To Ha Long without participating in recreational activities on the beach. Van Chay has a large beach area, where people often gather to participate in sea sports activities. Along with the beautiful and poetic landscape, Hong Van has a relatively quiet beach and peaceful light waves, contrary to the excitement and noise of Van Chay.

Cau My Rock Beach

Besides the wide beaches, Co To also has famous beautiful rocky beaches. One of them is Cau My rock. A rocky beach is a place where you can swim, take pictures and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the sea.

Co To Lighthouse

Co To Lighthouse is 72 steps high, 118m above sea level. Up on the tower, you can see the full sea view. It is a place you should not miss when coming to Co To.

The poetic path of love

100m from the center of Co To Ha Long town, near the sea, there is a paved road. Along the two sides of the road are rows of blue poplars. The scene is exceptionally poetic for couples like in Korean movies. The young people loved it and gave it the name. On the small road, you can see couples walking hand in hand or cycling along both sides of the road.

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Romantic tourist destination on Co To island

Co To the primeval forest

Besides fun activities on the sea, Co To has primeval forests with diverse flora and fauna. You can join your friends to experience and explore the ancient forest on foot here.

What delicious food does Co To have?

Holothurian soup- bold sea flavor

Holothurian soup is a famous delicious seafood dish on Co To island. It is cooked with chicken, crab meat, shiitake mushrooms, and ginger to create a warm taste with a robust Asian sea flavor. People also often eat burnt rice with it, which is crispy and full of sea flavor, the smooth taste on the tongue.

Sa Sung, a fried crispy sweet dish

Sa worm with nail snail is a specialty dish of Ha Long Bay. Their shape is very characteristic, nutritious, delicious, and easy to prepare. You just need to steam and stir-fry with lemongrass and add a little spice to have a delightful and attractive dish of snails and snails.

Grilled squid in Co To

Referring to Co To Ha Long seafood, it is impossible not to mention the grilled squid. Co To’s character and squid taste more delicious than in other regions. It is firm and tasty so that you can enjoy it easily.


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