Ha Long to Cat Ba: Top unforgettable travel experiences

Ha Long to Cat Ba

Although Cat Ba is not a new tourist destination, not everyone knows all about the recreational activities here. As the largest island in Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba still lacks many modern investment works.

Located not far from the shore from Hai Phong port or from Ha Long to Cat Ba, the living and living conditions of the people on the island are still lacking. In contrast, Cat Ba is a tourist destination with many activities to experience immersing in nature. It is one of the destinations not to be missed by young people who love adventure and outdoor activities.

Cruise on Ha Lan Bay

Looking on the map, just east of Cat Ba Island is Ha Lan Bay, right next to Cat Co beaches to the right. Compared to the 1500km2 area of ​​Ha Long Bay in the North, Lan Ha Bay has a relatively small size, only 70km2, equal to 1/20 of Ha Long Bay. Lan Ha Bay does not have the typical limestone rocks like in Ha Long Bay, but the atmosphere here is more peaceful, and many beautiful lawns between the mountains.

Ha Long to Cat Ba

Ha Long to Cat Ba: Don’t forget to visit Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha Bay is still relatively pristine, with majestic high mountains all year round, covered with shrubs and grasses. The beach around the Bay is also tiny, suitable for kayaking, boating on the bay, or taking pictures and sightseeing. If you are familiar with the bustling scene of Ha Long Bay, the peace of Lan Ha Bay on the Ha Long to Cat Ba journey will surely bring you many new feelings.

Cycling in Viet Hai village

Most tourists visit Ha Long to Cat Ba, sometimes just hanging around at Cat Co beach, but outside of Lan Ha Bay, go north a bit more to reach Cat Ba National Park. A 12km long path goes through the ancient garden and is a familiar bicycle path for many people living on the island.

This area is the site of Viet Hai Village. On both sides of the road are rows of tiny houses where Viet Hai villagers live. They have a bicycle rental service available here, only 50,000 / 1 day. You can also rent a tram to explore more of the surroundings of Cat Ba National Park for 150 thousand one way and 250 thousand two ways.

It is also the area from Ha Long to Cat Ba where many cheap homestays are suitable for relaxation, walking, exercise, and watching the primeval forest. It will be a huge omission if you go to Cat Ba that you miss this experience activity on the island.

Hiking through Cat Ba National Park

During the day, you can cycle through Viet Hai village or walk through the national park to visit the ancient garden’s flora and fauna. It is said to walk through the garden, but there is a beautiful concrete path available for you to walk comfortably and safely.

beautiful places in Ha Long

Cat Ba National Park

There are roads along the sea so you can enjoy the clear surroundings. On one side is the Bay, and on the other is the forest. Walking through Cat Ba National Park will bring visitors many new experiences.

Adventurous climbing

Climbing is risky, but the mountains next to Lan Ha Bay are not too high. There are many landmarks. Below is the sea, you can jump from the top to swim. It is also an excellent opportunity to participate in the feeling of actual climbing experience, even if you do not have much experience. The days of the island and participating in activities close to nature, you are almost experiencing a different life. More secluded, quieter, and full of exciting new activities.

Swimming at Cat Co beach, Tung Thu

Run from Ha Long to Cat Ba from Hai Phong port by ferry, but it takes a long time for visitors to set foot on the island. The area you come to is near the south of Cat Ba Island, right next to the most extensive beaches on the island. Cat Co beach is also quite wild. There are not many motels and hotels around the coast. Right next to the motel area, there are small seafood markets. Guests can easily walk from the nearby guesthouse to the beach or visit the shopping markets. The hostel also has a delivery service, so you can order food on the spot.

Visit Cai Beo fishing village

Right next to Cat Ba National Park, a little to the right, is Cai Beo fishing village. It is one of the oldest fishing villages still preserved to this day. Currently, the fishing village has about 300 households, with the main activity being fishing. They will sell Seafood after fishing directly to hotels and restaurants on the island or in neighboring areas.

The ticket price to visit Ha Long

Cai Beo fishing village


All the houses are floating on the water and connected by ropes. The house has a simple, lightweight design to ensure that people and objects do not sink and withstand a large enough capacity. Visitors can rent small boats from households to experience a day of fishing at sea.

Nam Cat island tourist area

One of the areas with the most beautiful scenery in Nam Ha Bay is the tourist area of ​​Nam Cat Island. The island’s beach is stunning, and the homestays with unique designs are on the coast. Nam Cat Island has clear blue water and beautiful and peaceful scenery like a corner of the island. It is a great vacation destination for couples getting to know each other.

Located right on the southern edge of Ha Long Bay, the view from Nam Cat Island is very beautiful, but few boats are traveling. The scenery here is very poetic. Your journey from Ha Long to Cat Ba will probably not lack a motorbike. If you need to find Ha Long motorbike rental service, please contact Kim’s Motorbike with us at the hotline 0987.628.336. Besides, we can also support you in buying boat tickets, booking tours, and tickets to visit Ha Long with a 10% discount quickly and cheaply for you.


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