[From A – Z] Tuan Chau motorbike rental experience

Tuan Chau motorbike rental!

Tuan Chau Island is the “Pearl Island” of Ha Long with a clear blue sea and long sandy shores… Surely this will be an ideal spot for tourists. However, when traveling to Tuan Chau, what means of transport should you take? How to choose a vehicle to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey? We will answer all through the article below. Do not forget to follow and pocket the experience of traveling to Tuan Chau island and Tuan Chau motorbike rental!

1. Where to rent a motorbike in Tuan Chau?

Tuan Chau self-sufficient travel is a preferred form of choice for many customers. Because then visitors can comfortably visit attractive places. Not constrained by time. You can completely arrange your schedule based on your wishes and your own time. Some of the top tourist attractions when coming to Ha Long:

Rent a motorbike in Tuan Chau to see the Palace performing water music

The water music performance palace is the most attractive tourist attraction with a scale of about 12,000 seats. It is the place to perform performances with thousands of faucets mixed. Usually, this show will perform. Duration of 40 minutes/program in the time frames from 9:15-10am, 19h-19h40 (Friday and Saturday), from 20:15-20:55, from 21:15-22h15.

Tuan Chau motorbike rental!

Photo 1: Tuan Chau Water Music Performance Palace

Outdoor amusement park

In addition to the water music works, you can visit the modern amusement park on ​​​​about 5 hectares. Visitors will admire the wonders and immerse themselves in the most attractive games. There are many activities such as windsurfing, motorbikes, canoes… It will be quite challenging to catch a taxi so you can consider a motorbike the primary means of transportation.

Tuan Chau motorbike rental!

Photo 2: Outdoor amusement park

Tuan Chau Beach

This beach is along Ngoc island with white sand and clear blue water. A large beach, freshwater bathing area, bar, parking lot… Many tourists have chosen to travel to the beach by motorbike. Because with this vehicle, it will be easier to move deep inside. Or traveling by motorbike to see the sea is also a great experience. And that is also the reason why many customers choose Tuan Chau motorbike rental to move.

Tuan Chau motorbike rental!

Photo 3: Tuan Chau beach

Bikini Island and An Tiem Bridge

Opposite Tuan Chau beach is Bikini Island and An Tiem Bridge. Visitors to Quang Ninh who have not visited this place will be very short of it. Bikini Island is next to Tuan Chau Island, while An Tiem Bridge is a single wooden bridge connecting to the island. To fully experience the beauty of this place, motorbikes will be the ideal vehicle you should prioritize.

When traveling by motorbike, you will easily zoom in to admire the entire island and the bridge. It is something that other means can hardly meet. In addition, there is a large parking lot with low and convenient prices next to the island.

Photo 4: Bikini Island and An Tiem Bridge

Tuan Chau International Ship Port

Tuan Chau has a port, and this is the starting place for ships visiting Ha Long Bay. It is also the place with the most boats and yachts. So don’t miss the opportunity to visit Ha Long Bay!

Photo 5: Tuan Chau International Ship Port

2. How to move to Tuan Chau?

Tuan Chau is a small island connecting the mainland (Bai Chay) by a road of about 2km. To move from the center of Bai Chay to Tuan Chau, only takes about 20 minutes by car. To move to Tuan Chau island, you must go through 2 stages: Stage 1 from Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City or other provinces to Bai Chay (Ha Long). There is the second leg from Bai Chay to Tuan Chau.

Visitors can travel by suitable means of transport depending on the location, route, needs, and economic conditions. These can be motorbikes, cars, coaches, trains, planes… Hanoi is about 170km from Bai Chay, with about 4-5 hours of travel.

Photo 6: After arriving in Ha Long, you should choose a motorbike as a means of transportation to have the most experience


To save money, you should choose a vehicle like a motorbike after arriving in Ha Long. Because then, the cost of the trip will be significantly lower. In addition, motorbikes are also convenient for moving, exploring places, and profound businesses… Especially on Tuan Chau island, there are many beautiful roads, and traveling by motorbike will help visitors have a good time. Get more experience. At the same time, visitors can also quickly feel the taste of the sea, the very “taste” of “Pearl Island” Ha Long.

3. Where to rent a motorbike in Tuan Chau?

Motorbikes are the first choice of many tourists when moving to Tuan Chau. So, which motorbike rental facility in Tuan Chau is reputable? Here are the 3 most prestigious and highly rated car rental establishments in Vietnam.

Kim’s Motorbike Rentals- Tuan Chau Motorbike Rental

With more than five years of operation, Kim’s Motorbike Rentals is a motorbike rental unit and has served more than 10,000 visitors. Kim’s Motorbike has provided a motorbike rental service with a wide range of vehicles at reasonable prices. At the same time, Kim’s staff is always ready to support and guide customers to get the best experience when coming to Tuan Chau.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Kim’s Motorbike Rentals in Tuan Chau


Besides, the motorbike pick-up service here also works very well. You can order a motorbike to the station, airport or hotel. Give the location, and the shop will deliver the motorbike to you. When you pick up the motorbike, you will receive a helmet and jacket.

We have a motorbike delivery service for customers, so customers can comfortably and safely use our motorbike rental service in Ha Long. The quality of our motorcycles is always guaranteed, and the contract terms protect customers’ best interests. If customers need to use our services, please contact us via the hotline at 0987.628.336.


Kim’s Motorbike Rental

Addess: Alley 86 Vuon Dao, Bai Chay District, Hạ Long City, Quảng Ninh

Email: phamhungcruises@gmail.com

Website: Halongmotorbikerental.com

Facebook: Kim’s Motorbike Rental

Whatsapp: +84838886816

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