Explore Ha Long tourism on Tuan Chau island by motorbike

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Suppose Ha Long Bay is the most beautiful natural attraction in Ha Long. In that case, Tuan Chau Island is the most attractive tourist and entertainment paradise. It is also a tourist destination you should not miss when visiting Ha Long. Ha Long Tuan Chau Island is an international entertainment destination that anyone should not miss when traveling here, especially by motorbike.

Overview of Ha Long Tuan Chau island

With an area of ​​7.6 km2, it is on the culture of the Neolithic age of Ha Long Culture. In 2003, Ha Long Tuan Chau island was in a plan by the Department of Investment and Tourism to become the most prominent tourist and entertainment center in Ha Long city. Tuan Chau’s internal infrastructure system includes three major items: one is a world-class resort villa area, and the other is a culinary street with Ha Long coastal specialties and diverse Asian and European dishes. Three is the center for circus performances of sea animals, including seals, dolphins, and sea lions.

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Overview of Ha Long Tuan Chau Island

Explore Ha Long tourism on Tuan Chau island

The entertainment tourism model of Ha Long Tuan Chau island is unique because it combines the resort model and marine entertainment activities. Simultaneously combine with Halong Bay tours by day and night. Compared with the modern entertainment center, Tuan Chau island should invest in various entertainment types such as models of adventure games, electronic games, or casinos. It will increase its attractiveness to domestic and foreign tourists.

When is the best time to visit Tuan Chau Island?

The weather of Quang Ninh, in particular, and the North of Vietnam, in general, is quite convenient to travel to Ha Long Tuan Chau island all year round. There are two months, June and July, when the North of Vietnam welcomes tropical storms, so you should pay more attention to traveling to Ha Long, Tuan Chau island around this time.

Spring and autumn in Ha Long are both very cool, so the weather conditions are ideal for traveling to Tuan Chau at this time. In winter, the temperature will be quite low and chilly, and the sky is often quite cloudy, so if you travel at this time, you will not be able to capture beautiful sky colors. In return, it will bring you a unique sea experience in the cold weather of the North.

What exciting experiences are there?

Bathing in Tuan Chau beach

Tuan Chau beach is stunning, with a blue sea, fine white sand, and a beautiful view of Tuan Chau’s motel and restaurant space. Ha Long Tuan Chau Island will bring you a great travel experience.

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Fun activities on Ha Long Tuan Chau island

Tuan Chau water music performance

The water music program is performed daily in the morning and evening, combined with colorful lights and vibrant music to create beautiful and impressive performances. The design of the stands resembles the works of the ancient Roman arena. The water jets shot from the pillars are not too big nor too small, forming water curves in a lively and unique space.

Outdoor amusement park

The outdoor amusement park hosts circus shows of cute sea animals. A space that is both romantic and comfortable for couples and families to enjoy.

What is unique about Ha Long cuisine on Tuan Chau island?

Squid rolls

Grilled squid has been a specialty dish of Ha Long for many generations. With ingredients from fresh squid from the sea, going through the traditional processing method is wild by hand. Combined with the unique, delicious spices of the nation, squid cake becomes an indispensable dish for tourists when coming to Ha Long on Tuan Chau island.

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Cuisine in Ha Long Tuan Chau island

Sa Sung, unique marine animals

Besides, Ha Long Tuan Chau island waters also have some unique marine animals like Sa Sung. The sea urchin is shaped like a mussel but has a much larger size, and the sam has crab-like characteristics, but its appearance is quite strange. The lower body looks a bit like a centipede but has a hard shell on the top like a crab.

Sa Sung also has a strange shape, white, with knuckles and a round body like a plant. There is a long vertical sun skin. It is challenging to exploit because they are located deep in the sand, so they are expensive. Sa Sung is a very nutritious and delicious dish, passed on by the people.

Should we explore Halong Bay Tuan Chau island by motorbike?

The interior area of ​​Ha Long Tuan Chau island is not too large, only about 7km2. You can walk so riding a motorbike inside the island is not too necessary. If you do not visit and stay on the island for a long time, you should rent a car to travel and visit other places of Ha Long for more convenience.

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