Explore Tuan Chau Ha Long 3 days 2 nights: Estimated cost and schedule

Tuan Chau Ha Long

Tuan Chau Ha Long is a Ha Long tourist destination not to be missed by many tourists. In terms of investment costs, Tuan Chau is the largest luxury resort for tourists with the highest 5-star quality in Ha Long.

In terms of time, compared to commercial investment projects inclined to entertainment activities in Ha Long in recent years, Tuan Chau is a tourist area that combines both entertainment and relaxation. In addition, with the oldest age of nearly 10 years, Tuan Chau has a large investment scale, it is difficult to have a tourism investment model even in the future that can be replaced.

Why should you not miss exploring Tuan Chau Ha Long tourism?

The only 5-star resort combined with entertainment directly connected to Ha Long Bay. Currently, the number of luxury resorts and resorts around Ha Long Bay is not a small number. Some large-scale resorts are located right next to Ha Long Bay such as Vinpearl, Royal Lotus, La Paz Resort… Which, the most remarkable is the investment system for Sun World’s items including Vinpearl and models. entertainment such as Sun World park.

Tourism value of Tuan Chau Ha Long

Compared to emerging competitors, Tuan Chau Ha Long resort is the only system that combines a resort with an amusement park in the same location and has a direct tourist connection system with the Bay. Ha Long. Due to its long-standing operation, the flow of boat tours running from the Tuan Chau tourist area is still a large number compared to any other resort area.

Tuan Chau Ha Long

Tuan Chau Ha Long view

Overnight service on cruise ships with the highest number of tours

Although, visitors can still book boat tours at night from Ha Long port at many times cheaper prices. But the number of overnight cruises on cruise ships from Tuan Chau Ha Long resort still holds the highest position. Most of the night cruises on the sea are luxury cruises with expensive costs. So they will choose to rest in Tuan Chau and then book a boat to go at night for more convenience.

Resort combined with a sightseeing tour on Ha Long Bay

The demand for resort guests near Ha Long Bay definitely wants to book a tour to visit the Bay. In particular, the number of tourists going to the Bay from Tuan Chau has always been high so far. The number of tourists wishing to stay in Tuan Chau is higher to facilitate booking tours.

The only resort that combines outdoor performances and performances

If comparing the role of entertainment activities, Tuan Chau Ha Long will have a lower competitive position than new tourism investment projects such as Sun World. In terms of overall strength, Tuan Chau is still the leading integrated resort in Ha Long Bay. Because it has resort and entertainment in the same place.

But to ensure a long-term competitive factor, Tuan Chau still needs a strategy to develop and invest in more entertainment models. To better meet the needs and tastes of new-age tourists.

Suggestions for Tuan Chau Ha Long itinerary 3 days 2 nights

  • Day 1: Visit Tuan Chau Island Ha Long

Morning: Check in, walk around the island

Afternoon: swimming on Tuan Chau beach

Evening: participate in circus performances, water music, and outdoor park

  • Day 2: Join a 1 day 1 night or 2 day 1-night cruise on the Bay
  • Day 3: Visiting tourist attractions around Tuan Chau (Bai Chay, Hon Gai)

Ha Long Bay tours

Tuan Chau, Ha Long tour itinerary 3 days, 2 nights

The estimated cost of the Tuan Chau tour for 3 days, 2 nights

  • Ticket cost to visit Tuan Chau: 15 usd/person (stay as long as you like)
  • Boat rental cost to visit the Bay: 150-1500 usd (1 tour/1 person)
  • Room rental cost: 50-150 usd (for 3 days / 1 person)
  • Currently, Tuan Chau’s hotel system is very diverse, with all grades from 2 to 5 stars with different costs. (from 10-50 usd/1 day)
  • Food costs: 250 usd (for 3 days / 1 person)

The cost of meals with 5-star quality in Tuan Chau tourist area falls into 10 usd / 1 dish. So the cost of eating and drinking per day is at least 2 million.

The total estimated cost for 1 person using the luxury cruise service to visit the Bay at night for 3 days, and 2 nights falls from the lowest average of 600 USD. Includes basic costs from entrance tickets, meals, and boat rentals to visit the Bay.

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