Meaning of cultural and spiritual tourism of Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery

Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery

The outstanding tourism significance of Quang Ninh lies in the coastal tourism of Ha Long Bay, which almost everyone knows. But Quang Ninh is also famous for many great tourism values ​​of Vietnam, including spiritual-cultural tourism. Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery is one of the prominent, typical temples of Quang Ninh in terms of this type of tourism.

About Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery

Truc Lam Giac Tam Zen Monastery is also known as Cai Bau Pagoda. It is one of Quang Ninh province’s three famous spiritual and cultural tourist sites. Including Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen Monastery, Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery, and Ba Vang Pagoda.

Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery

About Truc Lam Giac Tam Zen Monastery

As a well-invested large temple, the temple has a beautiful landscape. There is a view overlooking Bai Tu Long Bay. One side is a mountain with 2 large cliffs creating the posture of tigers and flying dragons. Although the current pagoda has been upgraded with a highly exquisite design, it was the foundation of Phuc Linh Co Tu pagoda in the 13th century.

The main hall consists of 2 floors; the upper floor worships Shakyamuni Buddha, and the lower floor worships Emperor Tran Nhan Tong. People who have made outstanding contributions to building Buddhism in Vietnam. Inside the pagoda is a green campus and many small items with stylish designs imbued with Vietnamese quintessence.

Spiritual tourism, meaning and tourism activities

Spiritual tourism is tourism activities toward religious and religious relics. There are not many religions in the world today, and mainly, there are 3, or 4 major religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.

But each country, due to its development in history and beliefs. This nuance is reflected in the architecture, worshiping practices, and historical figures who play an essential role in the country.

Types of spiritual tourism in Vietnam

Religious, spiritual tourism, in which Buddhism plays the most significant role in the belief and spiritual system of the Vietnamese people.

  • Spiritual tourism towards national heroes
  • Spiritual tourism with ancestral worship
  • Introduction to spiritual-cultural tourism

Terms of cultural and spiritual tourism activities it is divided into 3 types.

  • Activities to visit and sightsee the temple
  • Praying and worshiping activities
  • Catechism activities
  • Sports activities such as meditation, yoga

The meaning of spiritual and cultural tourism activities is to preserve and develop the long-standing spiritual and cultural values ​​of a nation. At the same time, it reflects the unique cultural identity of a country.

Meaning of cultural and spiritual tourism of Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery

In terms of cultural and spiritual tourism relations in the country, Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery is a significant mid-range spiritual tourist destination. The primary spiritual relics of Vietnam include Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen Monastery, Perfume Pagoda, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Hung Temple, Con Dao spiritual relic, Thien Mu Pagoda.

Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery

Spiritual tourism at Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery

Considering the cultural and spiritual tourism system of Quang Ninh, the monastery is on the indispensable tourist map. Along with the Yen Tu relic and Ba Vang pagoda, Quang Ninh becomes the largest spiritual tourism center in the country while Truc Lam Giac Tam Zen Monastery is one of the great ancient spiritual and cultural cradles of Vietnam.

In terms of the meaning of spiritual tourism, Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery is a unique combination of religious spirituality and religious culture toward national heroes. King Tran Nhan Tong, played an essential role in the history of nation-building. At the same time, he is the person who has the most prominent role in developing and spreading Buddhism in Vietnam.

In terms of the meaning of spiritual tourism activities, the monastery is most prominent, with 2 visiting and worshiping activities. The elements of sport and catechesis are not yet common in Vietnam’s spiritual tourism models


Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery plays an essential role in the meaning of spiritual and cultural tourism in the spiritual tourism system of Vietnam. Although the role of spiritual tourism is significant, it has not been paid enough attention. There is not yet a separate spiritual tourism cultural route in Vietnam. Even in Quang Ninh, the cultural and spiritual connection factor between major religious sites is still limited.

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