Top places with many people traveling to Ha Long by motorbike

traveling to Ha Long by motorbike

The trend of self-sufficient travel in Ha Long and motorbike rental is familiar to many people. The outstanding advantage when traveling by motorbike is mobility and low price, so it becomes an indispensable means of transportation for tourists to Ha Long at any time. So do you know which places have the most significant number of people traveling to Ha Long by motorbike? Let’s try to find out.

Traveling to Ha Long by motorbike at the airport

Quang Ninh International Airport is in Doan Ket commune, Van Don district, 50 km from Ha Long city. It was a relatively new international airport in Vietnam when it just started in 2016. Van Don International Airport currently operates routes from Quang Ninh to Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, and Tham Quyen, China.

traveling to Ha Long by motorbike

Traveling to Ha Long at the airport

From Van Don airport, you can take about 1 hour more by motorbike to Bai Chay, Tuan Chau island, Yen Tu mountain, and Ha Long Bay. These are famous tourist attractions of Quang Ninh. Also, from here, there are many ways for you to move into the center of Ha Long city. One of the ways is to rent a motorbike to move around.

After a flight, if you still do not feel tired and want to have the opportunity to go and see the roads of Ha Long, traveling to Ha Long by motorbike at the airport may not be the best option. Moreover, for some of you who suffer from bus and motorbike sickness, traveling by motorbike is a priority option for them.

Traveling Ha Long by motorbike at the bus station

Air travel may be a priority for many tourists from far away to Quang Ninh. For domestic guests coming from closer provinces or because they are farther from the airport, they will prioritize traveling by bus. The number of bus stations in Quang Ninh is also quite large, with 13 bus stations in the area. There are four bus stations in Cam Pha. In other districts, each has one bus station, but some sections do not.

Rent a motorbike in Ha Long at the bus station

Current bus stations in Quang Ninh include:

  • Cam Pha bus station: Cua Ong, Mong Duong, Cam Hai, Cam Pha center
  • Bai Chay bus station (Ha Long)
  • Uong Bi bus station
  • Quang Yen bus station
  • Tien Yen bus station
  • Binh Lieu Stock bus station
  • Hai Ha bus station
  • Hoanh Bo Stock bus station
  • Mong Cai bus station
  • Van Don bus station


Although the arrangement of bus stations in Quang Ninh is also relatively uniform in the area, due to its easy access and proximity to Ha Long, Cam Pha occupies a more significant number of bus stations. Most tourists’ travel needs when coming to Quang Ninh are focused on Ha Long. The most popular tourist destination of Quang Ninh.

Therefore, traveling to Ha Long by motorbike at bus stations can also be the choice of a part of tourists when coming to Quang Ninh. Currently more convenient for tourists wishing to travel by motorbike from bus stations. Ha Long motorbike rental shops have increased their pick-up service at bus stations. So it is easy for you to travel to Ha Long by motorbike at the bus station.

Traveling Ha Long by motorbike at the train station

If you look at the transport system of Quang Ninh, the station system is also large with highly modern equipment, namely Ha Long Station and Cai Lan Station. These stations are also for transporting goods and passengers from Quang Ninh to the northwestern provinces of Vietnam.

Rent a motorbike in Ha Long at the station – an impossible task

Although it has been with a scale of trillions of dong since 2014, the station has not had many significant activities and was closed last year. The traffic of Ha Long station is relatively low compared to the expectation of being a bustling transportation hub of the Northern region. Therefore, renting a motorbike in Ha Long at the station will be impossible for you.

Tuan Chau motorbike rental!

Rent a motorbike to your hotel

A final place that will be on the list of places with the highest number of people traveling to Ha Long by motorbike is the hotels and motels where tourists stay. For many people, after a harrowing journey, they will need some time to rest before preparing for the trip to discover Ha Long.

Moving from motels and hotels to motorbike rental facilities can be inconvenient. So they can travel to Ha Long by motorbike from the hotel and places they stay to save time and make travel plans more convenient.

Ha Long motorbike rental address you should refer to

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Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

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