What information should you note for self-sufficient Ha Long tourism?

Self-sufficient Ha Long tourism

Self-sufficient Ha Long tourism is a tourist activity worth trying for young people. Ha Long is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. Moreover, besides the prominent tourist destination of Ha Long Bay, Ha Long also has countless other outstanding tourist attractions. Self-sufficient travel to Ha Long will help you save the best travel costs and have the opportunity to experience traveling to famous international tourist sites in the country.

In which season should you travel to Ha Long?

The weather in Ha Long is suitable for tourists to visit at any time of the year. Due to the characteristic of sea tourism, many tourists come to Ha Long in summer or autumn. Because the boat ticket to visit Ha Long Bay is quite expensive, you need to choose a time when there is a bit of a crowd so that you can easily combine trains and have the opportunity to take a train with a cheaper fare.

Self-sufficient Ha Long tourism

In which season should you go to self-sufficient Ha Long tourism?


But if traveling to Ha Long during peak periods, your feel hard for sightseeing. Self-sufficient Ha Long tourism will be a bit suffocating because of the people and the hot sun. You should take advantage of going a little earlier before the peak season. Or like going in spring or autumn when the weather is at its most pleasant.

Ha Long tourist attractions with or without charge?

In self-sufficient Ha Long tourism, you need to consult the fee fully and know the accessible locations’ information to plan the most economical and suitable travel schedule.

Ha Long tourist attractions charge fees.

Ha Long Bay- the most beautiful view of Ha Long

You will have to buy an entrance ticket to Ha Long Bay. Moreover, it includes 2.3 different types of tickets, including passenger tickets through the port: 40,000 VND 1 ticket, tickets to Ha Long Bay around 10 USD, and Boat tickets to visit Ha Long Bay range from 200-700 thousand / 1 turn.

But now, the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh province has a policy of exemption and reduction with tickets to visit Ha Long Bay on several major national holidays. So if you take advantage of self-sufficient travel to Ha Long on this occasion, you can save several hundred thousand money on sightseeing tickets.

Ha Long experience

  • April: Hung Vuong’s death anniversary, April 25 (Liberation Day of the Mining Area), April 30 (Liberation Day of the South),
  • May: May 1 (International Labor Day),
  • June: June 1 (International Children’s Day), June 28 (Vietnamese Family Day),
  • July: July 9 (Vietnam Tourism Day), July 27 (Day of Invalids and Martyrs),
  • August: August 19 (successful day of the August Revolution),
  • September: September 2 (National Day),
  • October: October 1 (International Day of the Elderly), October 20 (Vietnamese Women’s Day), October 30 (the founding date of Quang Ninh Province),
  • November 11:12/11 (Traditional day of mining workers, the traditional day of coal industry), November 20 (Vietnam Teachers’ Day),
  • December: December 22 (the founding date of the Vietnam People’s Army).

Self-sufficient Ha Long tourism routes

Currently, to ensure the time and cost savings to visit Ha Long Bay in the most reasonable way for tourists. Authorities of Quang Ninh province have divided it into short self-sufficient Ha Long tourist routes from 4-6 hours as follows.


  • Route 1: Thien Cung Cave, Ga Choi Islet, Ba Hang Cave
  • Route 2: Surprise Cave, Titop Island, Soi Sim Island, Luon Cave
  • Route 3: Cua Van Fishing Village, Tien Ong Cave, Ba Ham Lake
  • Route 4: Vung Vieng Fishing Village, Co Cave, Thay Cave, Cong Do area
  • Sun World Park

Tuan Chau motorbike rental!

The ticket price to visit Sun World Park for adults is 30 UDS/person. Equal to the ticket price of Ba Na Hill. However, you can buy tickets to go in sections.

  • Water park: 10 USD
  • Dragon Park: 10 USD
  • Queen Cable Car: 15 USD
  • Tuan Chau Park
  • Ticket price 15 USD / 1 turn (latest)
  • Funny Art 3D Museum
  • Ticket price 5 usd/ 1 person

Ha Long tourist destination free of charge

Calculating the famous tourist attractions of Self-sufficient Ha Long tourism briefly, if you travel to Ha Long self-sufficiently, it also takes 1 million VND for favorite attractions. You can choose not to visit other paid attractions and visit the Bay on ticket-free days only to spend a few hundred thousand money to buy train tickets. You can combine it with other free tourist attractions.

  • Ha Long Night Market
  • Bai Chay Bridge
  • Three Golden Temple
  • Yen Tu Relics
  • Cai Bau Pagoda

Self-sufficient Ha Long tourism by motorbike

If you want to travel to Ha Long on your own with the most cost savings, you should rent a motorbike to travel. Renting a motorbike will help you save a lot of money on travel problems because the cost of renting a motorbike by the day is the most economical, fluctuating at around 5 USD a day. Compared to the cost of hiring grab or taking a taxi, you will need at least 20-40 USD per day.

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Considering the cost of accommodation in Ha Long, if you choose affordable motels, the lowest price is a couple of million for 2.3 days of travel. Add sightseeing tickets and travel tickets from your home to Ha Long. You need about 3 to 5 million for a self-sufficient Ha Long tour.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

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