Suggest a place for renting a motorbike in Ha Long?

Renting a motorbike in Ha Long

Renting a motorbike in Ha Long is the legitimate need of anyone who wants to travel or simply wants to move quickly in the city at a low cost. So is there any way to find out the address of the motorbike rental store or suggest a reputable motorbike rental address in Ha Long? Please follow the article below.

How to find a reputable motorbike rental address in Ha Long

Currently, we live in an era where information connection is done with just a click of a mouse or a click of a button. There are many ways for you to find out a reputable motorbike rental address in Ha Long. You can find out through

  • Google, the largest search engine today
  • Google map, a search engine for the actual address of any unit
  • Facebook Fanpage: the largest social network on the planet
  • Through the recommendation of relatives and friends
  • Directly to the place to find out
  • Find out the address for motorbike rental in Ha Long via google

Renting a motorbike in Ha Long

Renting a motorbike in Ha Long

If you click on the keyword “address for renting a motorbike in Ha Long“, google will return a lot of results. Reputable motorbike rental businesses will all have their own websites and they can be in the top order of websites displayed on google. The businesses with names on the top search are the motorbike rental addresses in Ha Long that you can trust.

Find out the address for motorbike rental in Ha Long via google map

An easy way to search for renting a motorbike in Ha Long is via Google Maps. Google map usually gives you better results if you are in the area where you need to search. The map application will display addresses around the area you are looking for, so you can easily know which motorbike rental location is closest to you.

Find a motorbike rental address via the fan page

Social networks are now a very useful way to advertise business information at super cheap prices. Creating a fan page is also very free. Businesses, big or small, can use fan pages to create a brand. You just need to press the search term: “Ha Long motorbike rental”, Facebook will also return you a lot of different fan pages and from there you can evaluate which business address you want to contact.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Find out the address for motorbike rental via the fan page


Find out where to rent a motorbike in Ha Long through friends and relatives

Ha Long is a famous scenic spot, so it is likely that your relatives or friends have traveled there. Those who have directly used the service of a certain brand of motorbike rental in Ha Long. Therefore, you simply need to ask their opinion. Their reviews will be the most intuitive and useful for you.

Find out by visiting the store in person

In large cities, sightseeing and searching by going directly there can also be an effective way. However, there is a small problem that you will go there by means of transport? You should definitely go by motorbike because it is more maneuverable and helps you see the search better. After you find the addresses of some stores, you can call grab or borrow someone’s motorbike to come to the place to observe and evaluate.

Suggest a reputable motorbike rental address in Ha Long

Kim’s Motorbike is a very reputable address for renting a motorbike in Ha Long. We have many years of operation in the industry with top-quality service and competitive prices. We always listen and absorb the opinions of our customers so that we can improve the best service quality. Kim’s Motorbike now has many branches throughout Ha Long. Helping customers to easily rent and return motorbikes at any location in Ha Long. Our consultants are extremely friendly and enthusiastic, ready to help you with questions and important issues in the motorbike rental procedure.

Kim’s Motorbike, a reputable motorbike rental address in Ha Long

Especially it calculates the payment in 24 languages instead of by day. Therefore, if you rent a motorbike here, it will be calculated at a more favorable cost than other establishments. For example, if you rent a motorbike the morning before and return it in the afternoon, you will only have to pay the rental price for 16 hours instead of two days. From there you will save a valuable amount of money.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Kim’s motorbike rental in Ha Long

Besides, the motorbike pick-up service here also works very well. You can order a motorbike to be delivered to the station, airport or hotel. Just give the location, and the shop will deliver the motorbike to you. When you pick up the motorbike, you will receive a helmet and jacket included.

What are the best things about us?

We are famous for our quality customer service, and dedicated staff to support when there is a problem. In some cases, they even split the motorbike repair fee with customers. It is the clarity in the division of responsibilities that has created the trust of customers when renting it here.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Not only that, when renting a motorbike, you also get many accompanying items. Specifically, 2-3 helmets, raincoats, and gasoline are available on the motorbikes. These are all necessary items for a true discovery trip. You can also get good advice for traveling in Ha Long as soon as you need. Because there is only one liter of gasoline available, you should take the initiative to fill up so that there is no situation of running out of gas in the middle of the road.

How to contact with us? Renting a motorbike in Ha Long

We have a motorbike delivery service for customers, so customers can comfortably and safely use our motorbike rental service in Ha Long. The quality of our motorcycles is always guaranteed and the contract terms protect the best interests of customers. If customers have a need to use our services, please contact us via the hotline at 0987.628.336.


Kim’s Motorbike Rental

Addess: Alley 86 Vuon Dao, Bai Chay District, Hạ Long City, Quảng Ninh



Facebook: Kim’s Motorbike Rental

Whatsapp: +84838886816


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