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motorbike rental Binh Lieu

The tourist attraction of Ha Long Bay makes people forget many other unique values ​​of Quang Ninh. Motorbike Rental Binh Lieu is still not popular with a lot of foreigners. Such as the critical economic role of the Mong Cai border gate and the attractive mountainous tourism value of Binh Lieu. Quang Ninh has three districts bordering China, including Mong Cai, Hai Ha and Binh Lieu. Binh Lieu is at the corner adjacent to Quang Ninh with Lang Son and China.

Contrasting with the crazy attraction of Ha Long Bay, a peaceful Binh Lieu characterized by the beauty of the Northwest will bring visitors a surprise about Quang Ninh. As it turns out, Quang Ninh also possesses so much beauty and significant tourism economic potential. The article will provide helpful travel and motorbike rental Binh Lieu for you.

Famous tourist attractions of Binh Lieu

Binh Lieu is a mountainous land that is still quite wild, in contrast to the hustle and bustle of Ha Long city. The attractions of Binh Lieu are soaring, jagged mountain peaks for young adventurers to explore. Majestic waterfalls and beautiful green terraced fields. Renting a motorbike in Binh Lieu is still a relatively new service for many young people.

The landmark 1305 and the back of the dinosaur

Milestone 1305 is a border patrol landmark and also the location of the highest mountain peak of Quang Ninh. Another unique point is the way to the top of the mountain, undulating like the back of a dinosaur. So it is called by everyone the spine of the dinosaur. Many young people rent motorbikes in Binh Lieu just to check in and take pictures of this unique terrain.

motorbike rental Binh Lieu

Famous tourist attractions of Binh Lieu

Dinosaur spine Binh Lieu

Besides, along the vast green roads of Binh Lieu are a series of majestic and beautiful undulating mountain peaks. Looking down from above on the tops of the mountains, it will be a feeling of vastness, immense.

  • Keo Lan Mountain
  • High Mountain Siam
  • Goryeo Mountain
  • Polish High Mountain

Rice terraces in ripe season

Terraced fields are a specialty of the enchanting landscape of the Northwest, located right on the North peak of Quang Ninh. A place where you can join a somewhat adventurous mountain climbing trip but enjoy unforgettable travel experiences in a lifetime. You can explore the villages by renting a motorbike in Binh Lieu to come here.

  • Khe O, Ngan Pat villages (on the western slopes of Cao Xiem mountain, about 3km from National Highway 18C)
  • Song Mooc and Khe Tien villages (Dong Van commune), this site is on the southern slopes of Phieng Che mountain range.
  • Ngan Cam village, Cao Son, Hoanh Mo commune
  • Huc Dong village – The area of ​​​​the road to Khe Van waterfall.
  • Binh Lieu terraced fields

motorbike rental Binh Lieu

Khe Van Waterfall

Located at an altitude of 330m above sea level, Khe Van waterfall, with a height of 100m, water pours down into three floors. Create a picture of majestic and bustling nature among the four sides of the mountains of Binh Lieu. Unspoiled natural space with verdant vegetation and white foaming water will make you immerse yourself in nature and forget all worries and calculations of daily life.

When should you rent a motorbike in Binh Lieu to go?

Binh Lieu has a cool mountainous climate in the summer and freezing weather in the winter. Due to its high location, the temperature of Binh Lieu will be 7 to 10 degrees lower than the average temperature of the Northeast provinces. The interesting point is that you can visit when renting a motorbike in Binh Lieu for four seasons. Every season is an entirely different travel experience that you will never forget for a lifetime.

Rent a motorbike in Binh Lieu in the spring to see the white flower season

The White Ban flower is popular in the northern mountainous land from January to April. If you visit Binh Lieu at this time, you will surely be able to see the white bands covering the mountains and hills. A beautiful scene will surely captivate people.

The hills are full of white flowers.

Rent a motorbike in Binh Lieu to go in the summer to see yellow flowers on green grass

Summer, from May to August, is the season of camellias, flowers, sunflowers, and wild sunflowers. Imagine the scenery of a sky of yellow flowers on the green grass of the mountains. Immerse yourself in the sound of birdsong and flowing water; you can rent a motorbike in Binh Lieu ( Motorbike Rental Binh Lieu) to enjoy nature alone or with a few friends. What an enjoyable and peaceful experience it will be.

Rent a motorbike in Binh Lieu in autumn and winter to see the white reeds and the yellow color of ripe rice

From October to November is the season of sky-high white reed grass and strange yellow color, waves of terraced fields in the ripe rice season. There is nothing more wonderful than experiencing the pure white space of Binh Lieu in the spring, the vibrant yellow in the summer, and the wild and peaceful winter.

Kim’s Motorbike Rental Binh Lieu is a reliable choice for you

Kim’s Motorbike Rental Binh Lieu is famous for our quality customer service and dedicated staff to support when there is a problem. In some cases, they even split the motorbike repair fee with customers. The clarity in the division of responsibilities has created customers’ trust when renting it here.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Not only that, when renting a motorbike, you also get many accompanying items. Specifically, 2-3 helmets, raincoats, and gasoline are available on the motorbikes. These are all necessary items for an actual discovery trip. You can also get good advice for traveling in Ha Long as soon as possible. Because there is only one liter of gasoline available, you should take the initiative to fill up so that there is no situation of running out of gas in the middle of the road. 

You will have the opportunity to experience that simply with just one call. Please contact us, Motorbike Rental Binh Lieu at the hotline for support at 0987.628.336.

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