Summary of the latest Hon Gai travel experience

Hon Gai travel experience

Hon Gai is an important tourist area of ​​Ha Long city. It is located near the Bay and has a unique tourist character because of its natural tourist destination. Besides, thanks to the large number of tourists, the hotel, restaurant, and beverage service venues in Hon Gai have developed accordingly. Please refer to the article below to summarize the latest Hon Gai travel experience.

In which season is Hon Gai travel experience?

Most tourists to Hon Gai combine tourism to visiting Ha Long Bay. Therefore, the Bay tourist season will also have many visitors flocking to Hon Gai. Summer will be the peak tourist season in Hon Gai. Guests are coming to Ha Long to swim and, simultaneously, want to visit the beautiful natural attractions of Hon Gai or catch the train to Co To island.

Hon Gai travel experience

Traveling to Hon Gai in the summer


Hon Gai is only 5km from Ha Long, so traveling between the two areas is also very easy. You should rent a Ha Long motorbike to travel for convenience is the Hon Gai travel experience you should refer to. The weather in Hon Gai is very convenient to travel in 4 seasons. In particular, with natural landmarks, you will have different travel experiences each season.

The spring sky is full of colors, and flowers bloom. Summer is the lush green of the grass. In autumn, the pig leaves yellow and red leaves. Winter is murky, lonely, and cold. Each space gives people a different emotional aftertaste.

What to visit in Hon Gai?

Hon Gai is divided into areas including Hon Gai political center, Column 8, Column 5, Cao Xanh, coal mines Ha Lam, Ha Khanh, Ha Tu.

Tran Quoc Nghien sea border

In 2020, Hon Gai will upgrade construction works and items of Tran Quoc Nghien sea line. The road is 6 lanes wide with nearly 5km running through the Quang Ninh museum and library. Surrounding Tran Quoc Nghien Street is a 28m wide campus to view Ha Long Bay with flower gardens and decorative trees.

Hon Gai Beach

According to Hon Gai travel experience, Hon Gai has a beautiful private beach, a wide beach with white sand stretching. You can enjoy swimming and watching Ha Long Bay. Hon Gai beach is also new construction in 2020,  has a small length of less than 1 km. But this is a fun place with great attractions for locals.

Quang Ninh Museum – Dolphin Palace

Quang Ninh Museum is considered the mysterious black pearl of Quang Ninh. The architectural design of the building outside is awe-inspiring, so it has become a famous check-in place for young people in Quang Ninh. The inside has 3 floors with 3 different themes:

  • 1st floor: Sea and nature
  • 2nd floor: Where historical values ​​are kept
  • 3rd floor: Re-enactment of the history of coal mines

Quang Ninh Museum – the mysterious black pearl

Poem Mountain – has a lyrical and poetic beauty

Poem Mountain has a view of the Bay, so it is an attractive natural attraction for young people. Above the mountain is an ancient poem written in Chinese by Le Thanh Tong praising the beauty of Ha Long Bay. Mountain structure The poetry in Hon Gai tourism experience of visitors, if viewed from different angles, produces different shapes, such as the shape of a tiger, the shape of a lion playing with prey, and the shape of a flying dragon.

Long Tien Pagoda- a cultural and spiritual relic of Hon Gai

Long Tien Pagoda was under the Nguyen Dynasty. The main entrance has 3 entrances, called Tam Quan gate. Tourists and naked people are only allowed to travel on both sides. The door in the middle is said to be the path of the Buddha. In addition to worshiping Buddha, Long Tien Pagoda also has a place to worship generals of the Tran Dynasty who made significant contributions to the country.

Dragon Bay Park, Ha Long Sun Wheel, Koi. Bridge

The same category of entertainment works of Sun World, but Hon Gai contains half of the designs in the total entertainment design of Sun World. The other half is the Sun World Complex located on Bai Chay. Sun World’s investment is towards a harmonious balance between the three areas: Tuan Chau, Bai Chay, and Hon Gai, which are vital tourist areas on the shores of Ha Long Bay.

Sun World Dragon Bay Park

Some famous restaurants in Hon Gai

You refer to the famous dishes in Hon Gai and try to experience the unique Ha Long specialties. Besides renowned seafood restaurants, Ha Long cuisine system with Hon Gai travel experience is highly diverse with night dishes, breakfast, and snacks.

  • Hong Hanh restaurant
  • Khai Huong Restaurant
  • Huong Duyen Restaurant

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