What is special about Ha Long night food?

Ha Long night food.

Ha Long cuisine has 3 outstanding features: one is fresh seafood with some species unique to Ha Long. Hai is mountain country food, and the specialty is hill chicken. Three are standard Northern recipes with a variety of spices and recipes.

Besides seafood restaurants, from famous to expensive, there is a rustic street food culture imbued with national quintessence. Specifically, it is Ha Long night food. Let’s try to list the attractive night food in Ha Long below.

Nam Dinh beef noodle soup – a famous specialty of the North

Nam Dinh beef noodle and noodle soup is a very typical Ha Long night restaurant in the northern cities of Vietnam. The restaurant’s specialty is selling beef noodle soup with 2 recipes of beef noodle soup and stir-fried beef noodle soup. Next to it is a mixed fried rice dish. The restaurant’s price is usually meager, but the food and broth are delicious. For Northerners, no one is unaware of this dish.

Famous restaurant: Dieu Huy Restaurant – 178 Gieng Don

Ha Long night food.

Nam Dinh beef noodle soup- Ha Long night

Chicken vermicelli – indispensable night dishes

Vermicelli, vermicelli is a popular choice for Ha Long night diners. Light, warm food that is easy to digest. Customers eat under the stomach to avoid hunger without worrying about getting fat. Vermicelli and chicken vermicelli are popular dishes in the North. You will hardly find these dishes in the Central or the South. Most of the remaining two-region noodle dishes are with pork or beef bones.

Famous restaurant: Minh Tuan for dinner & refreshments, Logistics, Bai Chay

Duck vermicelli – Ha Long specialty with bold Northern flavor

Similar vermicelli is also a specialty food of Ha Long and the North of Vietnam. Compared to chicken, the swan is a rarer dish in Central or Southern cuisine. The swan has just been boiled, chopped, and put in the vermicelli, and the duck meat is medium and sweet. Serve with chili salt and seasoning to taste.

Famous restaurant: Ms. Thuy vermicelli, 233 Ha Long

Dried eel vermicelli – delicious food at night in Ha Long is hard to resist

Eel vermicelli is a famous specialty of Nghe An, but dry mixed eel vermicelli is unique in Ha Long. Eel is cleaned, sliced ​​, and fried until fragrant and flavorful, then mixed with steamed vermicelli—tough vermicelli mixed with peanuts and laksa leaves. Eating sour, sweet taste is the typical flavor of the North.

top delicious restaurants in Ha Long

Famous restaurant: Quynh Thu, 97 Kenh Liem

Eel vermicelli – Ha Long night food

Porridge, vermicelli, seafood vermicelli – delicious specialties of Ha Long

A unique feature of Ha Long porridge, vermicelli, and vermicelli is combined with mixed fresh seafood dishes. Surface, squid, crab … after cleaning, processing, chopped to separate each dish. When processing, they are mixed and put together with porridge, and vermicelli to create an attractive seafood night dish unique to Ha Long nightlife.

Famous restaurant: Fat Lady Lan, 56 Anh Dao

Squid rolls – Ha Long night specialties

Banh cuon with squid is a specialty dish in the morning of Ha Long, and also a Ha Long night dish you should not miss. Ha Long squid cake is a delicious and famous dish in all parts of Vietnam. Northern people eat banh cuon which is a popular dish for them. Because they don’t have many other typical cakes like the central region or the south such as banh beo, banh xeo…

Famous restaurant: Dung Phuong, No. 1 Dong Ho

Rice, grilled hot pot of all kinds – 3 regions’ cuisine

Grilled seafood hot pot is a typical delicious dish of Ha Long. Grilled hot pot is also easy to see in the culinary culture of all 3 regions. The weather in the North is colder, so eating hot pot in the winter will be more delicious. Compared to the Central and Southern areas, the weather is hot all year round, but many people still choose to eat hot pot. Grilled hot pot is considered an everyday cuisine in 3 regions.


Famous restaurant: Thao Van, 180 Gieng Don

Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area

Delicious rice restaurant to eat at night in Ha Long


The popular nightly dishes in Ha Long are vermicelli, vermicelli, pho, porridge, and banh cuon. Ha Long night food has the typical taste of the North. The highlight of the culinary culture is the recipe for mixed squid and seafood dishes.

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