The clearest Ha Long itinerary for 3 days, 2 nights

Ha Long itinerary

If you have consulted our Ha Long itinerary for 2 days, 1 night, you will see that there are many questions to choose about places to visit Ha Long. But what if it’s 3 days, 2 nights? Your sightseeing schedule will be more optimal. Please refer to the detailed plan below.

Refer to the Ha Long itinerary for 3 days and 2 nights 

After arriving in Ha Long, arrange your accommodation neatly and consider choosing Ha Long motorbike rental service so that you can quickly move and explore Ha Long in the best way. As well as preparing for an exciting 3 days 2 nights journey in Quang Ninh mining land.

Day 1: Ha Long- Sun World- Bai Chay Night Market

Morning: You walk around the streets of Ha Long, and visit some famous tourist attractions of the city, such as Bai Chay bridge and some renowned restaurants here.

Afternoon: Join the fun activities of Sun World Park

Evening: swimming and visiting Ha Long night market

Ha Long itinerary
Halong Bay

Ha Long itinerary for 3 days and 2 nights

Day 2: Visit Ha Long Bay on board- Tuan Chau island

There are two options for Ha Long itinerary that you can refer to on day 2

Schedule 1:

Morning: Depending on the time of the route, you choose to visit Ha Long Bay. If the course is 4 to 6 hours, you still have some time left.

Afternoon and evening: Visit Tuan Chau island and participate in entertainment activities.

Schedule 2:

Morning and afternoon: Play and visit Tuan Chau island

Evening: visit Ha Long Bay, experience a night trip on the Bay

Day 3: Explore Hon Gai area & Choose to travel to Co To island

Day 3 you still have 2 different itinerary options for Ha Long. But they are all about exploring unspoiled nature: one side is towards the mainland, the other is to the sea.

Schedule 1: Explore Hon Gai

Morning: visit Long Tien pagoda, Bai Tho mountain, Quang Ninh museum…

Afternoon: visit Ha Long market and depart for home

Ha Long island

Schedule 2: Going to Co To Island

You run to Hon Gai VinaShin port and then catch the scheduled boat to Ha Long to visit the island. In the afternoon, take the car back home.


Evaluation: Compared to the 2 days 1 night schedule, your 3 days 2 nights trip to Ha Long is complete. You are still a bit confused about choosing an itinerary on day 3 when you want to go to the sea or inland. The impressive point of the journey to Ha Long 3 days, 2 nights is that you can choose to explore Ha Long Bay in the sea at night.

Brief itinerary of tours to Ha Long Bay

Summary of routes by a trip

Departure: from Ha Long or Tuan Chau international ship port

Route time: 4, 6, and 8 hours

  • Route 1: Stone Dog Islet – Dinh Huong Islet – Ba Hang – Fighting Chicken Island – Thien Cung Cave (4 hours)
  • Route 2: Fighting Chicken Island – Finger Islet – Swan Island – Surprise Cave – Luon Cave – Ti Top Beach (6 hours)
  • Route 3: Thien Cung Cave – Ga Choi Islet – Sung Sot Cave – Ti top Island (8 hours)
  • Route 4: Co Cave – Thay Cave – Tung Ecological Area – Islet Park – Cap La Cave (8h)
  • Route 5: Stone Dog Islet – Dinh Huong Island – Three Caves – Ga Choi Islet – Thien Cung Cave – Cat Ba Island (8h)

Review of routes

Self-sufficient Ha Long tourism

  • Features of 4-hour routes: visit islands, caves, and some basic recreational activities such as kayaking
  • Parts of the 6-hour way: similar to the 4-hour route + swimming on the island
  • 8 hour route features: overnight stay with 3 different routes
  • Combination of cultural visit to fishing village and resort
  • Visiting ecological zones, parks
  •  Cat Ba Island Tourism

Recommend some hotels to stay in Ha Long

If you want a more cost-effective Ha Long itinerary, please refer to our suggestions below.

4 points to note to rent a satisfactory hotel in Ha Long

  • Hotels along Ha Long street with sea views are costly, especially the type of hotel with the campus and resort facilities. Priced above 50 usđ / 1 room / 1 day.
  • The Hai Quan junction area is where you should look for the cheapest hotels from 10 usd/ 1 room.
  • The peach garden area has a mid-range room price from 20-30 usd / 1 room
  • The logistics area has a mid-range room price of 30-50 usd / 1 room


Top 8 cheap and budget hotels in Ha Long

  • Alex Hotel: 300k/room, 28a Anh Dao Street, Bai Chay
  • Quynh Yen Hotel: 300k/room, lane 1, peach garden, group 2, zone 2
  • Ha Long Boutique Hotel: 400k, Nguyen Du, Hong Gai
  • Viet Nhat Ha Long: 200k, 66 Peach Garden, Bai Chay
  • The Bay Ha Long Homestay: 350k, 112 Anh Dao, Bai Chay
  • Baby Cat Hotel & Coffee: 400k, 108 Peach Garden, Bai Chay
  • White Crown Ha Long: 350k, 17 Cherry, Bai Chay
  • Thanh An Ha Long Hotel: 370k, 131 street 25/4, Bach Dang, Ha Long city


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