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Ha Long experience

Along with the strong tourist attraction of Ha Long Bay, large domestic enterprises also invest in many additional attractive tourist sites to increase the meaning and value of tourism for tourists when coming to Quang Ninh. Bai Chay Bridge, Sun Wheel, and Queen Cable motorbike are typical examples.

As the tourist attraction of Ha Long increases, the demand for temporary accommodation for tourists also increases. So are there any temporary places from popular to high-class to suit the needs of tourists? To have a better Ha Long experience, please follow the article below.

Categorize Ha Long hotels by price

Based on the price and experience of going to Ha Long, Ha Long hotel is at three different prices: a budget of 10 usd per day. Mid-range from 500-700 thousand a day. And a premium class from over 1 million/day.

The most expensive hotel in Ha Long

The characteristic of high-class hotels in the resort is that they have a very beautiful building design. The campus system has a private beach, a private spa, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a fitness center. There is not a single thing left in the comfort of the room.

Ha Long experience

The most expensive hotel in Ha Long

The dishes are of 5-star quality, with various cultural menus from Europe to Asia. A day of experience in such hotels and resorts is also worth a try. Enjoy the ultimate material world of human civilization. Usually, the number of hotel rooms of each resort will not be too many. The capacity of a few dozen rooms is the maximum because it needs space for other entertainment services.


List of the most luxurious hotels in Ha Long

  • Vinpearl Resort
  • Ha Long Plaza
  • Novotel Ha Long
  • Paradise Suites Hotel
  • Wyndham Legend Ha Long
  • Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort
  • Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel
  • Royal Villas Ha Long
  • Ha Long Palace Hotel


4-star luxury hotels and homestays with mid-range prices in Ha Long

Mid-range hotels have more rooms. The room’s interior is of high quality, almost like a resort hotel room. But it does not have outside entertainment facilities like the resort. Saigon Ha Long Hotel has more than 200 small rooms and has an excellent capacity for guests.

The demand for mid-range guests in Ha Long’s experience is also more than that of luxury and high-class guests. The total accommodation size of mid-range hotels is about 2000-3000.

List of mid-range 4-star hotels (price 500-700 thousand/day)


  • Saigon Ha Long Hotel
  • Banana and Rose homestay Hotel
  • Halong Ginger Homestay
  • Coto Gardens Ha Long
  • Momento Ha Long
  • Merit Ha Long Hotel
  • Halong DC Hotel

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Mid-range 4-star hotel in Ha Long

Cheap budget hotel in Ha Long

Budget hotels cost 10 usd / day at the lowest price. The facilities inside are simple, and the interior is not too picky to meet the temporary accommodation needs of the majority of tourists. Budget hotels are still struggling to upgrade and invest in more furniture for more guests.

The size of budget hotels is also quite diverse, but it is usually a few dozen rooms per hotel. But the number of budget hotels is huge, so its total capacity accounts for 50-60% of daily tourist demand in Ha Long.


List of budget hotels in Ha Long

  • Yunnan Hotel
  • BBQ Hostel
  • Orestay Ha Long
  • Tom’s Family Hotel
  • De Lava Ha Long

Suggest some places to visit in Ha Long

Sun World Ha Long Park

One of Sun World’s investment projects has contributed significantly to local tourism, such as Da Nang or Nha Trang. Sun World Ha Long includes five large subdivisions: dragon park, tornado park, Sun World beach, Ba Deo amusement park, and food court. Help increase tourists’ travel experience in Ha Long.

Beach and Bai Chay bridge

Bai Chay beach and bridge are one of the popular attractions for tourists because they have beautiful scenery and there is no fee.

Cuu Van fishing village, Bai Tho mountain

Cuu Van fishing village and Bai Tho mountain are unspoiled natural landscapes close to tourists. They are also one of the tourist destinations that bring an exciting experience when coming to Ha Long,

Ha Long Bay. Ha Long experience for travelling

Ha Long Bay is the most attractive tourist attraction in Quang Ninh. All of the tourism projects are also in developed plans. Ha Long Bay ranked 2nd on the list. It is the pride of Vietnam when UNESCO recognizes it as a World Heritage Site. Ha Long Bay has about 3,000 large and small limestone islands of all shapes scattered, creating a spectacular and different scene from the rest of the world. Visitors to the bay should take a cruise to experience the fullest

Famous Ha Long motorbike rental address

Whether you stay in Ha Long in high-class or budget hotels, choosing to visit Ha Long by motorbike is still an activity you should refer to. Motorbikes are an effective means of transportation and help you have the best experience discovering Ha Long city.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Kim’s Motorbike Rental is a good place for you 

There are many means of transport for you to move from your hotel to Halong Bay. If you book a tour from an agency, they will arrange a shuttle for you. Otherwise, you rent a motorbike. Renting a motorbike to visit the Bay is a popular tourist activity for many people. If you have not chosen a suitable Ha Long motorbike rental address, Kim’s Motorbike may be a reputable address that you should refer to.

In addition, the owner of this shop is very enthusiastic and attentive. Not only advising on attractive tourist destinations, but the owner also shares many helpful riding experiences. Mainly young people who go backpacking for the first time can refer to it for a convenient and safe trip.

You should refer to Kim’s Motorbike, the famous Ha Long motorbike rental address. Kim’s Motorbike also supports you in buying train tickets and booking tours to visit Ha Long Bay quickly for you. Please contact the hotline if you need to rent a motorbike at 0987.628.336.


Kim’s Motorbike Rental

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