Detailed instructions for Ha Long Bay tours 

Ha Long Bay tours

Currently, boat services and Ha Long Bay tours are incredibly diverse. It is up to the boating units or travel agents to arrange your itinerary. Cruise routes on the Bay are limited in time, mostly short trips from 4 to 6 hours. While the places you can visit in Ha Long Bay are many. It is also challenging to choose the itinerary you want to go on because you have to depend on the group of passengers traveling with you.

General information about ticket prices and prices for Ha Long Bay tours

The average ticket price of tours to Ha Long Bay is 500-600 thousand VND if it is not the peak time. This ticket price is not high compared to the cost of sightseeing tickets and primary train tickets that you have to spend. To evaluate the price of a tour to visit Ha Long on the Bay of travel agents, you need to know the following basic fare information.


  • Tickets to visit Ha Long on the bay: 11 usd/pax (including 40,000 round-trip tickets to the port)
  • Train ticket: 10 usd/pax for the 4-hour route and 11 usd/pax for the 6-hour route
  • Boat and kayak tickets: 2 usd/pax (optional)
  • Hire a guide: 20-40 usd / 1 tour
  • Lunch: 10 usd / 1 meal

Ha Long Bay tours

Ticket price to visit Ha Long on the Bay?


The essential cost of visiting Ha Long by tour also falls between 500-600 thousand VND per visitor. Not to mention other pick-up and drop-off services that travel agents arrange for you.

Information on the schedule of cheap tours to Ha Long on the Bay

Route 4h- visit Ha Long on the Bay with all the most famous islands and caves

Route 1: Ha Long International Ship Port – Cho Da Islet – Dinh Huong Islet – Ba Hang – Fighting Chicken Island – Thien Cung Cave

  • 7h-8h: Time to pick up guests to Ha Long international ship port.
  • 8:30 am: The boat starts to depart for the Bay
  • 9 am: Train to Dog Stone Island and Dinh Huong Island
  • 9h10: The train stops for tourists to rest and visit Ba Hang, can kayak for entertainment, and take pictures.
  • 10h: train to Hon Ga Choi
  • 10:20: Arrive at Thien Cung Cave then turn the boat around
  • 12h: ship back to port (lunch on board at 11:20 am)

The afternoon train schedule is similar, you depart from 1 pm on the port and return to the dock at 5 am. Package ticket price: 550,000/pax.

Assessment: The Ha Long Bay tour has made the most of the famous attractions in the shortest time. Time to rest and integrate other recreational activities outside the Bay is reasonable. The magnets are all the most renowned check-in points of the Bay. The tour price is affordable. The schedule is suitable for many tourists.

Route 6h: Visit Ha Long to expand the famous islands, caves and islands in the Bay

Route 2: Ha Long International Ship Port- Ga Choi Islet- Finger Islet- Swan Island- Sung Sot Cave- Luon Cave- Ti Top Beach


  • 8:00am – 9:00am: Pick up and drop off guests to the port
  • 9:30 am: The ship leaves the port
  • 10am: train to Ga Choi island
  • 10:20 am: Arrive at Finger island – Swan island
  • 11am: arrive at Surprise Cave
  • 13:00: Arrive at Luon Cave, experience kayaking activities
  • 13h50: Arrive at Titop island
  • 3:30: ship back to port

Another flight departs at 1 pm and returns to the port at 7 pm. Package ticket price: 650,000/pax.

Evaluation: The tourist attractions of the extended tour are utterly different from the 4-hour tour. In addition to the famous island and cave check-in locations, you have an additional opportunity to visit the famous small island in the Bay, Ti Top island. Whether you’ve taken the 4-hour route or not, the 6-hour route is a journey you should try.

Schedule of Ha Long sightseeing routes on other Bays

Ha Long Bay is not only connected to Bai Chay international ship gate but also directly connected to Tuan Chau international ship gate and Cat Ba island. Although Cat Ba Island belongs to Hai Phong, if you look at the map of Ha Long Bay, it is the largest island located on edge near the center of Ha Long Bay. Ha Long tour is divided into three separate and main routes.

Route to visit the center of Ha Long Bay:

Departure: from Ha Long or Tuan Chau international ship port

Sights: Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Ga Choi Islet, Dinh Huong Islet, Finger Islet…

Departure time: 4, 6, and 8 hours (Detailed schedule refer to above)

Route to visit Bai Tu Long Bay

Departure: Halong International Port or Hon Gai Vinashin

Attractions: Tien Canh Son Cave, Vong Vieng Fishing Village, Cong Do

Trip time: 4, 6h

Review: The route’s Ha Long tour is geared towards cultural discovery and fishing village experience instead of visiting the islands and kayaking experience like the route to the center of the Bay.

Route to visit Lan Ha Bay – Cat Ba Island

Departure: Tuan Chau International Port or Got Wharf (Hai Phong)

Attractions: Bright Cave, Dark Cave, Trung Trang Cave, Quan Y Cave, Cat Ba Island..

Trip time: 4,6,8h

Review: The route’s itinerary is geared towards exploring the impressive caves in Ha Lan Bay and Hai Phong’s most famous island, Cat Ba. It brings visitors many new experiences.


The system of routes to visit Ha Long on the Bay is now very diverse but systematic. You can see Ha Long in many different ways without worrying about overlapping places to stay between the schedules of the routes.

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