What risks can you face when going to Ha Long by motorbike?

Going to Ha Long by motorbike

Going to Ha Long by motorbike can be very risky. The risk is not only for the business itself as there are many cases where the motorbike hire mysteriously disappears with the vehicle. Even the motorbike hirer is at risk if you rent a motorbike from an unscrupulous motorbike rental company.

Requires you to reserve one amount in advance

Unreputable Ha Long motorbike rental units will ask you for a deposit. With the logical reason that motorbikes are a great asset class, you need a warranty before you can rent a motorbike. But actually, asking for this deposit is not typical with motorbike rental services. You may not need a deposit, but you must make a contract and be legally responsible for the motorbike rental unit.

Going to Ha Long by motorbike

You must pay a deposit when going to Ha Long by motorbike.


This legal contract will make you legally responsible if you abuse or invade the property of the business unit. If you deposit money, the evil motorbike rental unit can take advantage of the deposit to intentionally increase the rental price or even use excuses not to return the motorbike deposit. 

Vehicle quality is poor and often broken.

Vehicle quality is a factor that you need to consider when going to Ha Long by motorbike. No matter your vehicle, you need to feel comfortable and convenient. If your motorbike breaks down in the middle of the road, you must determine that you will lose the cost of repairing the motorbike and time just for commuting. Traveling is always time-limited, not only because of the budget but for many other reasons.

Unreputable motorbike rental companies will not worry motorbikes about the quality of the vehicle and the regular maintenance of the vehicle. The motorbikes have been used for too long, but they still rent and use them.

Going to Ha Long by motorbike

Asking you to pay for motorbike repair costs if the vehicle breaks down while moving

The problem of the motorbike breaking down when you are in the process of using it and who should pay the cost is an issue you need to consider motorbike carefully. At the unreputable Ha Long motorbike rental units, they will undoubtedly blame you and make you pay for the cost of motorbike repair. The repair costs when going to Ha Long by motorbike are as simple as fixing the motorbike.

Claim the cost of motorbike repair if the motorbike breaks down

motorbike damage with great expense, you need to review. The cost you spend is to use the motorbike for a short time. All prices such as repairing and maintaining motorbikes are motorbike rental units that must count for in advance from the beginning. The motorbike that breaks down also needs to be clearly defined, but the fault cannot be arbitrarily attributed to the vehicle user and forced to bear all repair costs.

Going to Ha Long by motorbike without a clear motorbike rental contract

The risks you may encounter during your trip to Ha Long by motorbike are in the unclear motorbike rental contract. Unreputable motorbike rental units will take advantage of these points to make you responsible for unnecessary expenses when they happen.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to these points in the motorbike rental contract, the cost of repairing the motorbike when renting and using it. To avoid taking unnecessary risks when going to Ha Long by motorbike. They will always draft contracts with professional content at reputable motorbike rental units.

They will also invite you to comment on the contract’s contents. Thus, you will understand the responsibilities and rights to use your motorbike and have a sense of protecting the assets of your business when you rent their motorbike.

Which you should rent a Ha Long motorbike from?

Then surely you will want to know which motorbike rental company is reputable. Right here, you should refer to Kim’s Motorbike. We are a long-term Ha Long motorbike rental unit with many years of experience in the field with top-quality service at affordable prices. Kim’s Motorbike has a system of large branches in the area, equipped with various motorcycles to increase customers’ optimal choice.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Over time, the number of motorbikes available at the store has reached the top. It is the number of motorbikes enough to serve hundreds of passengers daily. Therefore, you can link to this store if you want to rent a server in bulk.

Kim’s Motorbike is a reputable motorbike rental unit.

Kim’s Motorbike Rental is famous for our quality customer service and dedicated staff to support when there is a problem. In some cases, they even split the motorbike repair fee with customers. The clarity in the division of responsibilities has created customers’ trust when renting it here.

Motorbikes rental in Quang Ninh

Kim’s Motorbike rental is a reputable address.


The next priority is that the motorbike lines here are vibrant. It’s all there, from Wave or Sirius to custom motorbikes like AB or Nouvo. If you want to rent high-quality, high-value motorbikes, you should visit the store to see them in person. For customers who value convenience, they can use the door-to-door delivery service.

Also, the quality of the motorbikes here always helps customers feel secure on every journey. The motorbikes here always ensure fundamental components and change the petrol when necessary. In addition, the rental cars here are also very fuel-efficient. You will no longer need to worry about running out of gas in the middle of the road. It will also save you a small amount of money.

motorbike rental Binh Lieu

In addition, the owner of this shop is very enthusiastic and attentive. Not only advising on attractive tourist destinations, but the owner also shares many helpful riding experiences. Mainly young people who go backpacking for the first time can refer to it for a convenient and safe trip.

We always value vehicle quality as well as customer experience. The consulting team is well-trained to help customers get the fastest and best motorbike selection. If you need to use our service to go to Ha Long by motorbike, please contact the hotline at 0987.628.336.


Kim’s Motorbike Rental

Addess: Alley 86 Vuon Dao, Bai Chay District, Hạ Long City, Quảng Ninh

Email: phamhungcruises@gmail.com

Website: Halongmotorbikerental.com

Facebook: Kim’s Motorbike Rental

Whatsapp: +84838886816


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