Top 6 beautiful scenes in Ha Long voted by tourists in 2022

beautiful scenes in Ha Long

Ha Long is famous as the most popular tourist destination in Quang Ninh, with countless beautiful scenes in Ha Long. So what do tourists vote for as the top beautiful locations in Ha Long in 2022? Let’s take a look at the article below.

Ti top Island – the beautiful pearl island of Ha Long Bay

Located not far from Ha Long port, Ti Top island is a lovely green pearl island, a beautiful scene in Ha Long. The island has a unique shape from a distance, like a crescent moon embracing the island. The island’s area is small so visitors can run a circle around the island. The front half of the island is a golden sand beach. The back side is a steep mountain slope. Seen from above, the shape of Ti top island is unique and unmistakable.

beautiful scenes in Ha Long

Ti Top Island – beautiful and poetic Ha Long

Ti Top Island has a beautiful view of the Bay, so it is ranked as one of the top 10 beautiful landscapes in Ha Long voted by tourists in 2021.

Sung Sot (Suprise) Cave – an excellent natural secret

A French discovered Surprise cave in 1901. Because of the cave’s beauty, they used the word surprise to name it, meaning the beautiful scenery in Ha Long is surprising. Later, people called this cave Sung Sot cave. CNN travel magazine also voted Sung Sot Cave as one of the 7 most beautiful caves in Vietnam. To not surprise you, the cave has an area of ​​​​10km2, more significant than the area of ​​Quan Lan Island, one of the largest islands of Ha Long Bay.

The width inside the cave is about 300m, divided into strips of rooms. Inside is the shape of limestone stalactites that have accumulated over thousands of years to form countless strange shapes inside the cave. Going deeper, you will see the thousand-year-old stalactite layer on the ceiling, creating an impressive body. You can only explore the scene of this beautiful large stalactite cave in the Ha Long Bay caves.

Thien Cung Cave – the pinnacle of stalactite art

Next to Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung cave is a masterpiece of nature’s art. Thien Cung Cave is a beautiful sight in Ha Long, with an area of ​​​​10km2 divided into 3 compartments. The first compartment from the entrance to the cave that appears on the cave wall is a picture of a dancing fairy. Above is a stalactite dome that hangs down to create a crystal lamp shape.

Thien Cung Cave – the unique beauty of Ha Long

You will imagine scenes close to people, including birds and flowers in the second compartment. In the last chamber, there is the art of artificial lighting installation by humans, creating a dimly lit space with beautiful stalactite-shaped blocks.

Sung Sot Cave surprises visitors with its large textured stalactites. While Thien Cung cave makes people dizzy with its sophisticated stalactite details. All stalactites inside are created naturally but like with the intervention of an experienced artisan.

The Kissing Rock Ha Long – a symbol of Ha Long tourism on the sea

Nowhere in the Bay is the beautiful scenery gathered in Ha Long with many limestone rocks shaped like a deliberate arrangement of God. Each stone on Ha Long Bay has the same shape as a sculptor carved it. The Kissing Rock Ha Long is an example. Right on the blue water of Ha Long Bay,

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The limestone rocks are not too big, not too small, only about 10m above the lake surface. The top of the rock is covered with patches of green plants, and the shape of the stone is symmetrical, reminiscent of animals and objects familiar to people. Such images, if put in the background of selfie photos, will be unique, making the viewer impressed forever.

Dau Go Cave – natural art installation

Both were formed at the same time as Thien Cung Cave and Sung Sot Cave. The area of ​​Dau Go cave is only half that of the other two caves, but it has a unique shape inside the cave. The stalactites in Dau Go cave mostly form the shape of tall pillars, creating a rare sight in Ha Long.

The cave has 3 compartments, and the first compartment has many shapes of animals: chickens, pythons, turtles, lions.. The second compartment is a picture of a river with overhanging layers of stalactites. Compartment 3 are large and small stalactite pillars with a record height.

Ngoc Vung Island – beautiful scenery of Ha Long since ancient times

Maybe you will be surprised that the 6th list of beautiful scenes in Ha Long is not Co To island but Ngoc Vung beach. Ngoc Vung Island is located quite far away, on the other side of Ha Long Bay. From Ngoc Vung location, 34km from Ha Long port, continue further, and you will reach Quan Lan island, and the outermost is Co To island.

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Ngoc Vung Island – beautiful scenery of Ha Long since ancient times


Vietnamese people inhabit the islands here. The island area is large, with wide beaches, and the border between the island and the water is stunning. The unique thing of Ngoc Vung is similar to Quan Lan, where there are old historical relics of the Mac and Nguyen dynasties. Before the Mac dynasty moved the citadel to Lang Son in the 16th and 17th centuries, few people knew that the old stronghold of the Vietnamese kings was in the archipelago on Ha Long Bay from the 11th and 12th centuries.

Many theories say that the reason why the Mac moved the citadel was because of the civil war. The Mac dynasty moved the coastal fort to Lang Son, where the military terrain was more dangerous and difficult to occupy. Viewed from above, Ngoc Vung Island has many strips of land and sea, creating a gorgeous landscape. The East of the island has a long white sand beach, seen from Dragon’s Eye, which can cover the whole island of Co To.

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